Tuesday, February 16, 2010

minato sushi bar - baltimore - good freakin' eats!!!

i love love love sushi
and last night i sat my solo self down at the minato sushi bar.

here is the report
yummy yummy
oh sooooooo yummy!

i enjoyed the following treats
  • ankimo - monkfish liver pate' - smooth, tender and mild - i could have gone for two portions it was so good
  • treasure roll - lobster, eel and avacado - yes it is as good as it sounds - it is good to be visiting the eastern coastal area
  • uni - sea urchin fresh from maine - amazingly sweet - a personal favorite
  • radish sprout sushi - literally radish sprout over rice w/a seaweed ribbon - a great cleansing finish to a wonderful meal
- the moral to this story -

if you are in baltimore
if you enjoy sushi
you must venture to
minato sushi bar
you will not be sorry

minato sushi bar
1o13 north charles street
baltimore maryland

i will be visiting minato again this eve
i hope to see you there!
i'll be the female in the blue hooded cardigan sweater with an expression of pure bliss upon my face


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