Friday, February 19, 2010

home home again and it feels so good
peas are popping up through the soil
birds are singing - believe it or not i've got an apple tree blooming - chickenychicas are laying laying laying oh boy are they laying
spring my dear is soon to round the bend

hippychick's first favas have sprouted good and strong
could it be the most excellent hippychick chicken and wabbit wabbit compost giving them a boost? i think so yes!

my forever faithful opera joins me for the morning's walkabout
opera is my primary caretaker when i'm off on trips
opera - protector of the hippychick universe
i love this boy

here we've got garlic, mustard, parsley and poppies in progress - again bathed in oh so yummy home grown compost - not only is the compost good for feeding but it has helped the plants survive the 20˚ evening weather dips sans rowcover - pretty amazing in my book

baltimore is lovely, the folks there are lovely
but truth be told
it's good to be home.

the garden has presented the meal plan for the next few weeks
greens, greens and more greens
daikon radish
herbal teas
wee little beets

there are eggs a plenty to enjoy
in quiche
egg noodles
maybe a custard
or fried over steamed veggies

there are the home made cheeses now ready for tasting as time required for maturing has now passed - just this morning i tapped into my black pepper honey cheese, a hard cheese with a slightly tart sweet finish, a cheese that would combine well with figs and apricots.

and yogurt - i've got homemade yogurt which i enjoy regularly with my home canned peaches

and this does not even enter the world of the deep freeze
we want for little round here
and we eat well
it's all in the planning and in the efforts put forward
patience too plays a part
the pay off
happiness, health and goodness
it is more than worth the effort
i am continually surprised at the results - i consider myself lucky - i also consider myself a hard workin' urbany farmgirl - either way - the path to happiness is one i hope to forever explore

1 comment:

Miss Ash said...

Oh how I envy your garden! And life, for that matter!!
I should go turn my compost. We still can't plant until late May, but the compost could be turned and hopefully ready by then!!
*fingers crossed*