Sunday, February 28, 2010

eating one's greens

here at the homestead, we've been fortunate enough to experience in recent days - a varied and plentiful bevvy of winter gardeny greens. in fact, we've got them coming out of our ears.

in the mix grows
  • ruby red beet greens
  • kale of three varieties
  • chinese cabbages
  • chards of a varied color - red, yellow, orange and green
  • spinach - super yummy personal favorite
  • salad greens - now we're talking nearly 15 different types
  • argula
  • bok choi
  • mustard both green and red
  • collards
  • sprouting broccoli greens
long story short
we're not hurting for greens
so i've been mixing and matching and eating them fresh and steaming and tomorrow night placing them in the hand of a friend to see what he can do with the good stuffs. it should be fun.

the chickeny and wabbitty wabbit creatures are taking part in the bevvy party too. wabbit prefers the chinese cabbage with a side of flat leafed parsley. the chickeny girls on the other hand are willing to give all the greens a shot.

soon the season will warm to temperatures beyond that of which most of the greens prefer. then poof most everything will send up a stock and go to seed. most years i've pulled the goods out of the soil at the top of this process for either creature eats or composting. not this year. this is the year of seed saving so most everything needs to set put for a while in order to develop proper seeds.

the up side for the waiting
the bees have been going nutso for the flowering that has already begun, which alone would be worth the wait. in the mean time, while we still have good green weather i celebrate, daily, sometimes several times in a single day even.
that's a lot of greens
eat your greens peeps

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