Sunday, February 21, 2010

dark days week 14 - breaking fast with green and yellow

a warm hello to the dark days folks. it's been a few weeks out of town, burried in snow, away from the connection of local farms, away from the home farm.

it's good to be back with creatures familiar. it's good to be sharing pints with friends, enjoying once again the early morning walk about and eating goods grown and raised right outside the back door.

this morning i break fast with green and yellow

once finished with the morning chores, i broke off a good few handfuls of fresh green spinach. the springy spinach leaves held a good crunch upon the tongue. i had to test it before heading inside of course. i cracked a few eggs gifted from the girls into a hot buttered iron skillet. i topped the eggs with shavings of my own homemade cheddar - now properly aged and sharp as ever. the spinach was then set atop the eggs and the cheese and the lot then covered with a top to steam into a homegrown trio.

it's a long full day ahead.
pullets to be delivered
coops, yard and garage barn need a good tidying up
there may be more chore than day available but we'll get as far as we are able

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