Monday, February 22, 2010

and down she goes cool chill she blows

there's a bit of a chill in the aire. the sky slate blue on horizon runs milky white to the edge of heaven's ledge. the breeze takes on a dampened windy bite and one's skin shivers when she blows.

i knew she was coming. the she chill is in the aire. she wakes one with a pleasant surprise inspiring quick flitted movement, brisk chipper steps and a bit of haste with the making of one's morning chores. she calls for gloves as hands freeze quickly when splashed with water when sure thoroughly wet. a thick fleeced pocket would prove most welcome on a day of such day as today.

hot tea she is steaming, she is scolding scalding my hand as my steps lose their grace lose their footing. the steam rises like music floating upward off of the page and i strain for the tune she sings. in gulps i do drink her and i suffer the burn on the tongue for the heat she provides my insides with.

now back in the home where my fingers , my toes, my feets and my face flush warm.