Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rotating beans, oxtail dreams and fabric ripping schemes

still not feeling up to par today which means a bit of indoor time for hippychick. i think a pack mule, haul stuffs about the yard and garden, would do me in after a quick fifteen. i might get a bit stir crazy but there is no lack of somethings to do about the place.

already this morning i have cleaned out and organized all drawers in the kitchen. i kissed the junk drawers goodbye. now tools are with tools, batteries in place, ohhhhh there are the flashlights, laundry bits properly stored in laundry area, mail items together, give this stuff away set aside in a box and so on...

i then hit the pantry and proceeded to rotate through the dry goods. everything is in pretty fine shape. there really was not that much to do. it is now habit to steadily use pantry goods in a timely fashion. i'm better now at only purchasing and/or growing those items that i will actually use.

i decided, to finish up the dried beans stored from the last year. so i gathered up a collection of christmas limas, favas, chick peas, black eyed peas and a black french type bean, mixed them up and then plopped them all into my crock pot. i chopped up a good six cloves of garlic, threw in a handful of herbs from the garden and dug my wee little bit of local grassfed oxtail from the freezer (maybe a 1/2 lb) and plopped that in too. i added one glug (yup that's my measure) of olive oil, stirred and covered it up. it's now happily cooking for however long it takes for everything to soften up and cook through. i must say, the smell of it is already encouraging. i may or may not add home grown canned maters once it's all cooked up - it depends upon how rich the flavor is on it's own.

i then got to ripping up old bits of clothing into longish strips. very therapeutic i must say but the end result is not merely an effort toward sanity or a display of the lack there of but the prepping of goods for my first homemade rag rug. yup, i'm giving this long term project a go. i thought about it when i was sorting through clothes prior to the holiday. there are the keeper clothes, the give away clothes and the not in good enough shape to give away clothes - a.k.a. rag clothes or in this case future rag rug clothes.

so i cut them up (in this case - old flannel and cotton pjs) at the seams deconstructing the clothing into it's original parts. i then cut and ripped pieces about an inch wide - some less wide, some more - it's not an exact science. i now have a small pile of fabric strips that need sewing end to end together and then wrapping into balls not unlike the way in which one might wrap a ball of yarn.

i still have mounds of old t-shirts and such to cut and rip up so this should keep me busy through the day.
if not, i can always sort and clean more. if you can get yourself on the sorting and cleaning roll, then go with it i say.

some folk believe in truly chilling out when feeling off. i'm not one to sit about and do nothing if i can help it, it's just not my way. i have tried the truly chilling thing and i must admit, when i visit my folks, i do pretty much that but when at home it does not work so... a ripping of fabric i go go go.

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