Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mid-winter walkabout

the mid-winter walk about
the temperatures are back up
the rain is falling
the ground is soft
the hose lies dormant
leading this-a-way or is it that-a-way who knows which?

grasses lean heavy
color scant green some vibrant red
i am not straw at all they call

the trail of beetlings lead south or north
or sourth
depending upon your gaze
flanked by wood to the east
flanked by arugula to the west
leaves roll gently aside gently aside

gentle cabbage offering open wings
tender frosty cooly cleanly drops
gather then gently slip
down upon earth

broccoli flowers tempting flying bees
yellow beauties
the bees? or the broccolis?
both if you please
after bees collect the seeds
harvest and share
harvest and share

the ground is brown
the leaves are green
the fence is white

the greens are ruby
the greens are copper
the greens are ruffled
the greens gleam
cut once,twice, thrice they grow back nice

kale bowing gently
arching lunges
ballerinas stretching
reach toward infinite grace

freshy composted universe
carrots radish bob up from bed
freshy water freshy drinkin'
stump for setting,watchin' and burrowin' beneath

where compost happens
micro heaven
mini-chickeny tractor now a place for resting felines
local cat, home cat, visiting cat
safe from rain
kingdom all their own
a set or a visit
all are welcome
for all time

and so mid-winter walkabout rests

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