Friday, January 29, 2010

little man darla on the mend

it's been a busy past few days for little man darla. he's been through a lot.

some of you know that little man d lives with seizures and fits associated with kitty epilepsy. we've been working daily to find balance for the wee fellow. this includes figuring the proper amount of medication for his little self (less is more is what we have learned) and searching for just the right time of day for presenting meds so as not to interrupt his daily eat, play, chase big brother mr. t, and sleep schedule.

on top of all this was yesterday's snip snipping of his manly bits. earlier this week, just as i was feeling that we had the medication process moving toward a successful balance, the poor fellow started feeling all manly. he made every effort at working the crowd of kitty toys as best he could not quite knowing which way was up, poor thing.

so off he traveled to the creature hospital yesterday for the fixin'. the procedure went fine but the meds knocked the poor fellow out for a long long long time. he was pretty darn loopy when mama picked him up for the travel back home. it took near to the entire night to wake, even then he looked exhausted. i tucked him in to his favorite patch of the comfy bed and he was soon back off to dreamy land.

big brother mr. t and i would check on him regularly. big brother t even blessed him with a few kisses - nothing i've ever seen t do before - sweet fellow. he loves his little brobro. little man darla eventually made his way out to where we are. i set him up with grandmama's home crocheted blanket and he snuggled right in. mr. t is in his usual - back of the big chair - spot. so it looks like we might all be moving toward a mend.

i will not present darla with his daily medication until later this evening to give him more time to come off the snip snip stuffs.

in other news -
we're readying ourselves for another few, two three below freezing nights. i set out the rowcover over the east garden veggie beds and the south entry veggie beds. i set the heat lamps up for the chickeny creatures and checked in the wabbitwabbits.

i think the gardens will do just fine as they were recently blessed with a good bit of fresh microbe teaming compost and a fine fall of rain last night. so the growing goods should prove turgid and sprite before the chill falls.

while out and about, i harvested a good two quart bags full of fresh broccoli that we'll probably steam up as part of tonight's dinner. we've been munching a good bit of kale as of late so the change is welcome. the plan is broccoli stir fry with fresh picked asian greens and chinese cabbage. all from the garden folks - i love the winter garden.

greens are good, that's for sure for sure.

at the moment, i am waiting on the girls to lay just two more eggs so that i might deliver an even ten dozen market. yes, i could deliver nine dozen but it's just two eggs and it's early yet in the day, the girls are not even close to finishing their setting for the day.

i do have one beautiful speckled sussex that's gone broody. she been sitting on an empty nest now for three or four days. she has no objection to my giving her a few good scratches and cuddles and i have seen her jump out for a drink and bite to eat. i'm letting her be. she'll not lay as long as she's brooding but there are plenty of eggs to go around. eventually she'll decide she'd like to spend more time out of doors. for now she's a cozy bumpkin in the nest.

well it looks like little man d has headed back to the comfy bedroom spot he enjoys so much. we all know what we like best. for little man d, it's the cushy down comforter.

time to get movin'.
cheers folks - here's to wishing all those who ill a quick mend

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