Friday, January 8, 2010

frozen hands - butchering out of doors - uh uh

so despite today's freezing temps, i was going to make a go at butchering up a few of the meaties. they are at weight (between 5lb and 7lb), have eaten through all the feed i had calculated they would need to reach weight and have run through the last of the pine chip bedding i had on hand. and besides all of that, today is the day on the calendar that i planned oh so well to get to butchering. so much for planning - read on

i and my determined crazy self, went outside , started setting up when i remembered that all the hoses and outdoor faucets were frozen tight. no problem. i'll fill up some containers in the house and see if things still seem feasible. i had my water transport system down which, by the way, i had figured out this morning when watering the various coops. well... filling waterers and filling large basins with water turned out to be very different tasks. once the hands got soaked a few times and the arms got wet and i was spending more and more time out in the cold, i came to the realization that today was definitely not a good day for out of doors butchering. not if i wanted to keep my hands and fingers in good working order that is. so, seeing that i do not yet have an indoor butchering space, it was more than clear that today would not prove to be a good out of doors butchering day. lucky meatie fluffballs...

so off to the feed store for more feed and more bedding. i figured i would have to pick up at least another four days worth since it looks like the cold weather will be hanging on for at least that long. that may not sound like much, four days, but let me tell you the meaties are chow hounds. they go through the feed like no tomorrow. well, i guess that is their way, the possibility of no tomorrow, so in fact, they are going through the feed as they should, mangia mangia - they would make an italian grandmama proud. and when meatie chickens eat a lot, they pooooooooooop a lot. my neighbor sweetened up that fact for me in this way - the more they poop, the better the fertilizer for your compost/garden. yup yup that is for sure. they are definitely experts in the making of high octane fertilizer.

what's a farm girl to do but wait for warmer days? the funk of it all is that the university is back in session and i was hoping/had prepped and planned to have these white fluff balls in the freezer before things got hot and heavy. now it is clear that all is going to go down at the same time. tis' the way of farm life, plan and plan and still things shift.

should i have expected anything less?

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