Wednesday, January 13, 2010

farmin' harvest - all in a day's work

big day, full day, good day and done.

  • uncle darla to the vet for tests and home again - check!
  • design meetings - check!
  • unwrap all citrus trees, uncover gardens for the blessed rainfall - check!
  • meaties butchered - check!
  • chicken cut into parts, packaged and stored - breasts, thighs, tenders, legs, wings - check!
  • freezer emptied, rotated and reorganized - check!
  • chicken bones and backs in the stew pot making broth - check!
  • everything cleaned up indoors and out - check!
  • fresh butter made from today's delivered creme - check!
  • eggs delivered to market - check!
  • hippychickenfarmer a bit bushed - check!
  • package ginger kombucha for market - tonight
yet left to do - maybe for the weekend - we'll see how time plays out
  • meatie coop cleaned out - nope
  • meatie brooder cleaned out - nope
  • build the killer steaming chickeny compost pile - nope
a full farm and harvest day today - an intense day and still not over. i needed to get all this and more completed today in order to move on to other time sensitive tasks and to ready for the university semester ahead. i am pleased with that which was accomplished.

the broth pot (backs and necks) is slowly stewing away. i plan to slowly stew the pot overnight in order to gain an extra strong broth. once ready, the broth will need to be stored. there is not an inch of space left in the chest freezer so the plan is to stew the broth all the way down to a jelly which will carry a most amazing flavor and make for easy storage.


Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Wow, im tired just reading it!

shellywoman said...

happy belated birthday to you.