Saturday, January 16, 2010

dark days week nine - simple graces

as the days go by i find i am drawn to the simple, the honest, the true and often that which some folk may consider small or unimportant. in other words, quiet bits of life, often overlooked when moving at the speed of sound.

life is complicated, love is complicated, family is complicated
yes at times
need it be always
oh no, a deep resounding no

practice simple
be steady, try, work through failure, recognize fear, push forward

follow through on your word
finish what you start
look folk in the eye
see yourself for who you are
pay heed to the voice inside
speak only after thought
place yourself in another's shoes

find grace in that which is quiet

simple eats
fresh grown mixed greens
spinach, chard, beet green, arugula, red mustard, amish deer tongue, borage
fresh farm eggs still warm from the boil
peel, rough chop
olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper, salt
rough chopped yard pecans

sit at the table
view the graceful goods
eat slow
share conversation
sit quiet if you like
be thankful

sometimes the smallest...
sometimes the simplest...
sometimes the slowest...

fill best our deepest most basic needs

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Sara said...

Beautiful!!! Thank you!