Saturday, January 9, 2010

dark days, week 8 - a pleasing brunch, a healthy crunch

it's a crystal clear morning here in bastroptown texas with the temperature hovering in at 33˚f. the sun is shining through providing a more than welcome jolt of joy to the morning. the wee hour chickeny wabbit wabbit chores are done. the eggs are clean and packed up for market. the kitties are dreaming through their mid-morning nap and my stomach is a rumbling.

"feed me shelly" it says.

time to crack open the homemade granola i've been saving. saving for what i don't know, just saving for the day i will enjoy it most. this morning proved to be one of those days. i like a good crunch when i eat and granola for sure provides a good crunch. this batch is special. it is the very first batch sweetened with honey from my own beehives. tre'yumme' let me tell you.

this is the last bit left from the huge huge batch i made to share with neighbors for the hollydays. the reports have been raving with several folks returning with empty jars in hand willing to pay for a refill. it looks like homemade granola may turn out to be the traditional hippychick holiday treat. i'm happy with that.

then there are the very un-local organic winesap apples i recently spoiled myself with from the local coop. i love apples and due to the low chill hours in our location, variety is limited and my own homegrown apples were eaten down long long ago. if ever i move north, i will for sure plant both winesap and crispin apple trees.

to finish off is the homemade yogurt using local raw whole milk from schulenburg texas. scroll down the page to see the makin' yogurt entry if you are interested in making your own. store bought milk works too, i prefer superfresh myself.

brunch was so good i may just make this my dinner meal too.
why not?

if not, there is the chicken pot pie i made using the left over chicken from the dark days, week 7 meal. i had plenty of chicken to cook up two full pot pies. one is set in the freezer for future munching while the other is set in fridge for weekly pickings.

ingredients include the following
  • organic herb roasted chicken - grown here at home
  • chicken broth - homegrown, homemade from chickeny feets
  • organic grown carrots - pulled fresh from the garden
  • sweet onion - purchased from bastrop farmer's market
  • peas - out of the freezer from last spring's harvest
  • lard - from the bastrop farmer's market
  • butter - homemade from local creme
  • herbs from the garden
  • salt, pepper, flour - not local
they cooked up nice and go great with a salad from home grown garden greens.

* * * * * * *
well it's 4:30pm and i decided to go with a bowl of the bean soup i put together earlier this week.
you can find the details of this hearty meal
here! click me click me

next up on the prep for weekly take to university meals - fresh pasta
this then allows for a steady rotation of
  • yogurt w/granola
  • chicken pot pie
  • chicken soup
  • bean and oxtail soup
  • quiche
  • pasta
  • greens from the garden
  • eggs however i cook them up
  • kombucha
  • fresh tea
  • iced coffee (of course)
  • water water water gotta drink more water
  • pesto treats on crackers
plan ahead and you can eat well, eat local, control what goes in the body and maybe save a few bucks along the way.

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