Saturday, January 30, 2010

dark days week 11- choppin' broccoli

- funny how veggies adapt -
sometimes choosing to mature when they and only they feel the time is right

there are times you as a gardener have to throw the 75 days, 85 days, 90 days info from the seed packets out the window and simply allow nature to take it's course. we're in that place. the weather has been wet, real wet, dry, windy, warm, cool and real cold all in the span of a few weeks. crazy to be sure. i've been wondering on cabbage - will they head up before the heat hits - wondering on cauliflower - will they survive the temperature drops - wondering on the peas - will the wee sprouts freeze out tonight and then there's the wondering on the planting schedule - that's a whole other entry.

all the hippychick garden broccoli has decided to prove ready for harvest this very week despite my strict efforts in its initial planting of more than a few weeks apart thank you very much. it's really coming in. for broccoli fans, enjoying the option of fresh broccoli each an every day is pretty darn nice.

i've been eating broccoli with eggs fresh from the girls out back. steamed broccoli with a crumble of local feta. broccoli naked on a bed of garden greens. all proving most excellent eats.

today's afternoon eats included:
  • broiled home grown chicken tenders marinated in a mix of soy sauce, home harvested honey, olive oil, home grown lemon juice, black sesame seed and chili pepper.
  • steamed garden grown broccoli - naked no salt no butta no nothin'
  • hand made hand cut egg noodles with home grown home made pesto
it took everything i had just to take the time to shoot the photo it smelled so good.
there's even a wee bet left for an evening snack.

what's next for the broccoli stash?
no one knows...


Miranda R Mueller said...

Say -
You make pasta pretty often, yes?
I plan on making it quite soon, for the first time. No pasta press do i have, so i plan on rolling and handcutting - but not sure about the 'drying' portion - should i hang? clump? then how long to cook in the water?
tips much appreciated!

shellywoman said...

i do make pasta often. today's pasta was hand rolled and hand cut.

here's a tip for tender pasta - make your pasta dough the day before a refrigerate overnight. restim the dough is key.

drying - do not clump it, it will stick to itself. lay it out on a flowered table or hang over an indoor wooden clothes dryer or a special rig you come up with. i ran string through an old paper tube, hung it up and dry my pasta on it. dry overnight or longer depending upon thickness.

cooking - fresh 3-4 minutes - dry 4-6 minutes or until al dente.

shellywoman said...

i prefer fresh pasta over dried so i tend to make small batches. or i make a big batch of dough, rest the dough overnight in the fridge, split the dough in smaller batches and package and freeze until needed for use.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

excellent meal!

Since you are using homegrown ingredients, would you like to enter this post in our Grow Your Own roundup this month? Full Details at

shellywoman said...

sure - you may copy and paste if you wish - i take my own photos unless otherwise noted.

my best to you!