Sunday, January 10, 2010

chicken health help needed - dominique feeling off

i have a 5 1/2 month old dominique girly girl who has been feeling a bit off the past week. i first noticed her energy level slowing down but i thought maybe our quick onslaught of unusually cold weather might be cause. then i noticed her facial color looking a bit yellow/orangish and her tendency to squat in the next with feathers ruffed all day.

her coop mates have been great, no extra pecking or abuse. in fact one of the girls seems to have been keeping watch over her. she is now inside the house today to see if a good dose of extra heat might do her good.

symptoms include:

yellow/orange colored face and comb
losing weight

green droppings

allows me to pick her up quite easily though many of my chickens do - it is odd for her though
i do not believe she is laying
no sign of mites or lice
no sign of worms in her dropping
how are these legs looking? click on the image to see it larger.

i thought maybe a vitamin deficiency and/or a calcuim deficiency, possibly eggbound so i have been treating her with b suppliment, calcium and olive oil in yogurt and have given her several doses of ky in the vent area. she has not passed an egg on my notice. she is hanging on but I worry as her color is not improving.
i have been hand feeding her yogurt with olive oil
she is also eating from a plate of scrambled eggs on her own as i type
her energy level is up and down - still i worry for her off color and for the green in her poo.

i'm praying she is not an internal layer but i wonder...

update - miss dominique has passed
i was with her when she went into arrest
she did not recover
bless her

miss dominique was an internal layer
egg traveled in the wrong direction
poor girl

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