Saturday, February 28, 2009

marry poppins would certainly run off course today!

wooooo wooooosh so it blows today!

i'm telling you mother nature is cleaning her tree houses today. if by chance there were any of last years leaves hanging on, they are no longer as the fresh blanket of live oak leaves proves evidence.

it may not be the day to attempt to rake up the fresh blanket of leaves as they'd fly away from their freshly organized piles seconds after looking pretty.

it is on the other hand the day to hang fresh washed laundry on the line as long as you've got some smart and sturdy laundry clips that hang on tight. wet clothes in this wind will whip themselves dry faster than one can say mary poppins mary poppins mary poppins poppins mary poppins mary poppins mary. i'll have my sheets out on line for sure.

it is a great day for cleaning house. you want fresh clean air? you got it. the windy gusts will surely push out the old air and blow in new fresh smelling crispy cool nice to wear a sweater air. so do your sweeping and do your dusting and remove any delicates from the places around your windows. then open your windows wide and allow miss mother nature's gusty breeze into your home.

i'll be cleaning up the hippy chick universe today. both the home and the garage could use a good sweep. it's spring cleaning time - yihaaa!

afternoon update -
got myself washed up and out the door for some yard work. mowed the lawn, planted in 18 more heirloom tomato starters, changed water for wabbit wabbit, the chickenchicas and the meaties. i cleaned up the garage a little (and i stress a little). i picked up three more bags of chicken starter - thinking ahead for the arrival of the march meatie chicks. also picked up two bails of alfalfa hey - wabbit wabbit digs munching on it. put all the creature feed, tools and lawn cutting machine away before heading back inside.

ohh dog! it's really blowing out there and the wind is a bit chilly i must say. i like it, i like it.

now i've got a big ole' pot of my hot ginger lemon tea on. i'm hoping to end up with a two gallon batch. i'm going to try to wean myself down to half of my current coffee intake and the ginger lemon tea really does it for me. i love the bite of the ginger, the tang of the lemon and the itty sweetness from the honey. maybe - ah i should not even say it - but maybe i'll wean myself nearly off the coffee... yeah sure my brain says - hey! well you never know, i fight back. enough on that.

both of the kitty boys are happily inside and napping - sweetpeas that they are.

time for sweetpotatoe starts -

i'm thinking about getting my sweet potatoes out and ready to produce starts for this year's garden. all i have to do is head back out to the garage, pull them inside, lay them out in a shallow bin with just a bit of dirt and keep damp. in a few weeks, i'll have starts. once the starts grow to about 3" i pull them off of the potato and stick them into a small glass jar with water to root. they root in a week, sometimes longer. once the roots are an inch or so long, they go into the dirt and begin their own efforts towards the making of more sweetie taters. it's just that simple.

i might lay low today. it's been more than hectic as of late and i could really use the break. sure there's much i could also be doing but considering the fact that all creatures are well taken care of, the garden is in good shape, tea is on the stove and most all of the laundry is done, life could go on one day without mad efforts.

today i will sustain myself - a bit of rest and reading with my sleeping kitty boys.

Friday, February 27, 2009

choosing positivity

ever wake up feeling just a bit odd? that's me today.

odd in the sense of not knowing if one's mood will swing towards the pleasant and calm or towards the slightly tense and anxious. odd because you know it could go either way, odd in that the positive and negative teeter on an edge you can't quite identify. odd in the fact that you are truly unsure which way things will go.

at that very moment, there exist precious seconds to swing toward the positive. there are days i do believe where one must take action to choose positivity. you must act quickly and you must commit to finding the good in the day, searching out tiny bits of beauty and smiling. everything will move toward the better if you do so.

the oddness may be related to stress, may be related to personal relations, may be related to hormonal shifts or it may be a sign that your body and mind need a bit of a rest. if you are able to grant your body rest then do, a nap can prove wonders. i prefer to actively exercise my wobbly emotions out. some folks stretch and breathe and some meditate to find a place of balance.

that's all fine and good when you've got the time to do so. today is one of those days where the time is not so available which requires the exercise of positivity to push toward the mental. choose positivity and practice it. when the wobbly emotions return, decide again to be positive and just keep doing so.

think happy thoughts, place the face of someone you love in your mind, recall a moment when someone did something nice for you or a moment when you did a good dead for another, go study a tree, or watch little bits of nature come alive. focus on something simple, something small, simplify the noise in the mind. imagine quiet and breathe.

after much practice, i find the process to choose positivity often happens without my thinking which is the overall goal - a daily choice of positivity - a natural bent toward positivity - a life filled with good and happiness.

smile like the buddha
ponder like pooh
find the simple
choose positivity
choose happiness

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

late night log ins

the days have been filled to the brim as of late on the work front. this is certainly not the first mention. even now i feel the stare into no where coming on - a sign of hearty exhaustion. none the less - long days aside - life at the hippychick universe powers on.

i want to say thank you to all the folks who have recently contacted me via email. your appreciation for the efforts made here mean a great deal. it's flattering to know my mistakes and success inspire others to consider ways in which they too may live a more simple and sustainable existence. baby steps folks, baby steps. they are absolutely valid and add up over time. the journey is the journey is the journey. make your own adventure a pleasant one and you too will find happiness.

well the hippychickenfarmer super-d-lovely egg business is really picking up. i'm already behind. i'm thinking... well guess what i'm thinking.... i'll give you one try. uh huh...
yes sir eeeeeee - more chickens

already i've been in touch with a local hatchery to see if i can get my hands on special heritage and rare breed chickens. if i'm going to add to my chicken population then i think it important to consider becoming a supporter of rare and/or endangered breeds. every step forward deserves pondering towards ultimate sustainability. the fun part about raising heritage and rare breeds is that many of the rarer breeds are absolutely beautiful and often lay interestingly tinted and/or colored eggs.

folks have also asked me if i would ever have laying ready pullets for sale. i could do that too. it will take some planning but it is certainly not out of the question. it's all a matter of being ready for the wee ones. timing timing timing

who knew word of mouth could go so far? i think it's great.

the other question i get every once in a while is - when are you going to write the book? uhhhggeeeiiiooooo - boy someone would really have to come forward with the cloning machine to make that happen anytime soon. maybe someday. it has crossed my mind but to tell you the truth, there might be folk out there better equipped for the writing of a book.

i just do my thing because it makes me happy, it allows me to know just where my food is coming from, i feel that i should be doing all that i am and then some but most of all, i believe in the good that comes from my efforts.

so no matter how sleepy or tired i may be, i keep a goin'. why? well i think when you find something that truly makes you happy, obstacles fall away and doors open.

cheers folk! somebody please get some sleep for me. please.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

fresh chicken chicken fresh

i've got your spring chicken
- fresh today -
you know how to reach me

freedom rangers

want your chicken frozen?
i can do that too

local only - local only - local only - local only - local only
a hippychick hand to hand sustainable ad-venture

not on the egg list yet?
drop a line
let the chickenchica's take care of you

crunchy crispy spring leaves beneath my feet

crispy clean morning round the hippychick universe and life is good. no driving in to austintown today. we are able to enjoy a full day at home after a long stretch of workin' workin' workin'. now that does not mean that it's a slack day because it's not but i prefer to have much to do around here than anywhere else any ole' day.

as you can see here a bit of the rye grass that was planted to protect the outback garden bed has grown to great a great height. i've been out in the early mornings when i'm able trimming and chopping the greens up for the chickenchicas as they enjoy any leafy bits they can wrap their chickeny feet around. the good news is that this is the time of year when we are blessed with a bounty of leafy greens so they've been enjoying the good stuff each and every morning. wabbit too.

that's the itty strawberry patch in the foreground.

the chilly front we're experiencing this morning has really perked up wabbit wabbit. he was out hopping away this morning, kicking his feet and having a good ole' time. he stopped by my visiting spot for a scratch which cheered me as well. he's a sweet creature.
the potatoes and onions are doing quite well. they have not been planted all that long but they are strong, stout and growing with great vigor. it's very exciting to think about fluffy baby taters at dinner. it's also exciting to announce that this is truly the first time that i've had big success with the taters. i did alright last year but i think i've finally figured out when they should go in the ground, how much water, what type of soil is best, etc. though it's going on four years, i'm still figuring out this texas gardening schedule.

i still experience big surprises on a regular basis like this one!
take a good look here.
there are two tomatoes on this baby! i cannot believe it. i was worried that i had jumped the gun on the planting of these starters but clearly the tomato herself is plenty happy. every year i learn something new i tell ya.

the cabbages are really filling out. i swear there's a new leaf wrapped in the ball each morning i go out. i don't know how the plant grows so quickly but they do. it could a good day for another dose of fishyseaweed happiness. the feedings seem to do wonders not only in the feeding sense but they seem to repel a number of baddy bad bugs from the veggie patch and down here that matters since we rarely experience longer term killing freezes. all the bugs live nearly all the time so our practices have to be extra careful on the bug and pest side.

organic practices for me but as the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine.

the wee cabbage - soon to catch up with the earlier planted patch

well it's time i get myself back out there.
there are eggs to collect, plants to feed and chickens to butcher. i hope to get a batch of bread dough started as well. i'm aching for some homemade english muffins - they go great with the wonder eggs from the chickenychicas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
later this very same day... 8:38pm

turned out to be a good one. chicken duties this morning, five fresh ones all but one cleaned, wrapped and chilling in the fridge.

one of the fresh chickens jumped into a pot joined by the company of chopped carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, zucchini, herbs and a baglunk baglunk of water. yup - soup party yi-freaking-hahhhh! amazing really, this one chicken turned out a total of 9 quarts of chicken soup. guess what i'm having for lunch this week. i portioned a good bit of the soup into eight smaller sized pint jars which are an easy size for travel. the rest of the soup stored in larger quart sized jars is cooling on the counter. once cooled it will move into the freezer for storage. i don't yet have a handy dandy pressure cooker so freezing will have to do. it works!

i had the pleasure today of joining friends for a spaghetti lunchy-dinner fund raiser. it turned out to be quite lovely. it was a sit down event in the company of a good number of fine neighborly folk. we enjoyed salad, spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, a piece of cake a cup of iced tea and hot coffee. i could not have asked for more. the portions were perfect for a light afternoon lunch. the cake was super yummy, whip cream and all. it was very special.

the rest of day was spent cooking and jarring up the soup. i spent time reading in between duties. it was a surprise to look out the window at one point to see that it had gone dark. so i put the meatie chickens to bed (nine more to go), turned down the chickenchicas (eggy hens) radio, let mr opera kitty inside and tucked everything away. the dishes are cleaned and put away. the laundry is on the line drying. my body is now sitting happily in bed and i'm soon to doze off.

if for only one afternoon off this week, it was a good one.
nighty-nite folk
a well deserved sleep awaits...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

happy for any bit of time with the creatures

oh boy it's a busy week - working at the university does that to a life - it sure makes one appreciate home time - for me, home time at the hippychick universe. some out there miss their kiddos during the day. i miss my creatures. i think about what they might be doing, if they are napping or awake, if they are warm and cozy or if they might be tearing it up while i'm away.

i still need to go into work today - students in technicals - but i've got a bit of the morning here and i've decided to make rounds of affection. scratches and conversations with everyone, water for the garden, an eye to eye discussion with big daddy roo and a little sit time just for me and mr. t while i type. it's nice and i'm happy to have any bit of it that i may.

there's much happening around the hippychick universe. we are as busy as ever. there are fruit trees blooming, radish a many picking picking, tomatoes forming and eggs a laying. this is the big grow time here in texas - cool enough to keep greens from bolting, warm enough for seeds to brave the evening temperature drop and if we are lucky the time of year when a bit of rain falls. the days where life begins again.

it's time to take advantage of fresh greens, snapping good baby carrots and cool fresh morning peas from the vine.
i've been lucky enough to lunch upon the green goods daily. pick it, pull it, wash it, pack it then eat it. nothing better. and boy the greens smell great when i open up my lunching container. i often sit and sniff just before digging in in order to enjoy the all around happiness of home grown goodies.
time for me to move on. have a great weekend!
over and out
roger roger dodger roger roger

keep it simple

Friday, February 20, 2009

life of a chicken nest

well it looks like the new lady layers have really grown accustomed to relaxing in what was the nesting - egg laying - location. so much so that the nesting location is struggling to maintain its identity as a place for the necessary daily concentrations - egg laying that is which means that i may have to finally break down and build a few more formal egg laying chickeny nests.

up to now the ladies have been happy with the hutch idea but as new folk arrive so then do new needs.

i've tried to convince the new lady layers out of the hutch but that's where they like to go for the afternoon nap plain and simple. my efforts at convincing otherwise seem to be turned away. it's a done deal as far as they are concerned or so their habits illustrate. best to go with the flow. it's not my home, it is their own.

this is all fueling the feed towards my near future remodel of the chickeny coop and run. i've not got the spare time now to take it on but the moment i do, i will. the expansion plans are settled. there are no questions as to what the new design will be only when i can have it. for now the girls are doing just fine. they have more than enough room, plenty of roosting space. they may if they wish eeek out nesting space in the hutch as the new lady layers tend not to bother with any eggs left in the nest which is nice. in the short turn, i plan to whip up a nice plywood nest or two or three on sunday which should please all of the chickenychica's.

keeping me on my toes these babies are. if you pay attention, the creatures of the universe teach you all you need to know.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

leggo my cornoOOOOO!

those darn squirrels are eating each and every one of my corn seedlings - the creeps. how do they know?

are the top secret squirrel corn surveillance cameras out and about disguised as acorns and branches or is there a corn wavelength detector posted in the area? i'm baffled.

looks like i may need to plant again. this time i'll cover the area with hardware cloth in hopes of deterring future raids of the grounds.

those pesky squirrels.
or rather shall i tag them too smart for my garden growing's own good.

the question is, what are they planning next?

i'll have to prep the chickens for negotiations - i'm not sure they'd be interested in working with me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

got cartons - we're in business

i decided a few days back to go forward with my hippyeggselling mini business plan.

a part of the plan requires fresh clean never contaminated eggy cartons so i ordered a batch from and ' poof ' in days they arrive like magic. they are cute and quite useful. i ordered the packs that easily split from twelve egg size to six egg size in the case i gain a request for smaller orders. they've got all the necessary information printed in and about.
  • farm fresh eggs
  • nutritional information
  • storage reccomendations
they'll do the job just fine. so far i've sold all eggs by the dozen but if ever the request for a scant six comes, i'll be ready!

so all is well.

work has been steady and constant. carried quite a bit of stress with me through this day though i tried my best not to project it on others. the week is trucking along and there's much left to do. i'm feeling a bit of a cabbage head but life goes on. right now, i must admit, it's hard or rather relentless. better to have the work i remind myself. be thankful for what you've got.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

saving big daddy

the raising of dinner continues. minus eight today - all boys - leaving one last boy for the ladies to admire. he that is number nine is big daddy.
big daddy roo roo that is. a red headed wonder with beautiful white feathers and an intense and determined look about him. truth is, i have a soft spot for this fellow. he proved himself the top roo roo in the group early on and made daily efforts to patrol and protect the flock. i've watched him.

he walks the perimeter of the fence looking not only out but also to the above. he's smart, as far as smart goes with the chickeny sort. he is aware that i too hold a big part in the success of the clan and often visits me at the top of the day. we deal eye to eye. i hold a deep respect for folk who deal eye to eye. we have a good understanding and so far he has proved most kind.

i like him.

i know i know i'm not suppose to like him (big daddy meatie) but i do. i like his morning song, i like the way he holds himself, i like the way he looks out for the others, i like his directness, i like his ways. so today in the process of processing i made sure he would be the last roo roo standing. he, i knew, would be the number nine male.
he is big daddy and i've decided to enjoy big daddy for a little while longer. hey everygirl needs a little rooster in her life. his morning song is spot on reliable and much more pleasant than any alarm clock i've ever heard. he makes me smile. the neighbors kind of dig him too.

come on, tell me who can keep themselves from falling for a handsome redhead?

maybe we'll put big daddy on a diet and...

in defense of chickweed

time to clean up the yard some. as days lengthen and temperatures rise so do the weeds, thistles and grasses. we've been lucky to experience a very short bit of rain on two occasions this week. the damp ground is now perfect for digging new beds. the ground is not sopping wet but neither is it rock hard. so today the garden fork pierces the ground once more.

the currently planted bed are growing full steam ahead. the cabbages and kales and chards look taught, thick and wide. the carrot tops grow taller and taller and taller. the radish bulbs grow fuller. the beet greens cascade over the roots now ready for picking and the first spring peas are ready to pop. this season's cauliflower is cut and already eaten - not a flower left or spared - a clear sign that next years patch will need to be planned larger in size.

nothing goes to waste around here. there are plenty of cheerful mouths ready to enjoy the gifts. the chickenychicas and wabbit wabbit turn away very little from what's offered to enjoy.

even now the chickenchicas are munching on piles and piles of chickweed pulled up from several of the flower beds as we've got plenty of the self planted chickweed to go around. even i enjoy the chickweed now and again then again.

it's hard not to enjoy a bit of chickweed this time of year as it finds it's way into nearly each and every bed of lettuce and greens. you have the choice to either spend tedious times pulling every little bit of the weed out of your beds or to just trim it along with the greens and call it a day. frankly i find it quite tasty. it's slightly tart and quite delicate in flavor. the leaves are tiny beauties and wee white flowers are lovely to look at.

i often wonder what makes a weed a weed. who decided when it would one day go out of fashion from delicate tasty bit to weed? in the case of chickweed i find that it carries several redeeming qualities.
  • it is quite tasty and the chickenchicas love to munch on it
  • it serves quite well as a cover crop for flower beds in spring
  • it will set beautifully tiny white flowers if let alone to grow to mid maturity
  • the root system is shallow making it easy to pull
  • it seeds itself so it's free year after year
given the above - if one plans well, chickweed could become a green quite enjoyable. when the weather warms pull it up or allow it to serve as a green mulch and a constant source of munchies for your greens loving creatures.

what is weed?
oh i could go deep here
weed plant, weed people, weed ideas, weed weed (ah ha ha!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

cool hot happiness

the radish are ready! the radish are ready!

how to enjoy them all, let me count the ways

- radish with strawberries - a particularly tastey combination i accidentally discovered last year

- radish with a honey anchovy dressing - the sweet salty mix is divine

- radish popped in the mouth freshly washed right out of the ground

- radish with feta cheese - hot cool and salty

how do you like your radish?
i'd love to know.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

early mornin' til late in the eve'

busy time round here in the hippychick universe. you have to get up early to catch us. feeding chickens, feeding wabbit, giving the kittyboys their due attentions and caring for the garden.

the eggs are really coming in now and soon they'll
really be coming in. three a day works for me just fine, six a day will mean business is surely open.

i have thought recently about picking up a table at the farmers market to sell my eggs. not sure yet. i think i can do just fine word of mouth. in fact i'll be dropping off some eggs to folks today.

i don't know if the farmer's market is a good choice for me considering my wacko schedule. i think i may stick to the old fashioned friend of a friend of a friend process.

time to beg folks for more egg cartons.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

peek into the hippychickenfarmer universe

today is hippychickenfarmer youtube universe day
go get yourself a peek!

check out the fun, the videos of the rooroos singing their magic tunes. there's even a new video uploading now so check back this afternoon for that special treat.

really go
go go go
check it out

Monday, February 9, 2009

oh what the heck - why not now

meet the new ladylayers
their sweet, sweet names finally revealed

miss fernie quinn
silver laced wyndotte

miss maisie mae

darling ellabella sweetpea
brown leghorn


give peace a chance

ughhh this is hard. watching the chickenchicas assert their order in the coop.

the new ladylayers are lucky to have one another to snuggle up to and huddle with. it's not horrific, the process, but i would rather practice the "all just get along" philosophy of peace and happiness.

there's been some back and forth and i think the new ladylayers definitely understand that they are not going to be living at the top of the totum pole. if ever i wondered, the pole looks something like this
  • at the top - queen saffron sunflower
  • next in line - freckles flirtasia
  • following third - alfredia sunshing
  • and the new ladylayers follow - their names to be revealed this week
i have pacified the coop for a small bit of time with an offering of freshly cut greens from the garden. a big pan full for the chickenchica's outside in the run and a smaller bit for the ladylayers inside - currently shacking up in the nesting area together.

i did pull some greens for king heinrich wabbit wabbit too - only fair.

one item of note - the new ladylayers seem to have no problem with my picking them up, giving them a little cuddle and placing them back down.

they are a sweet trio of girlygirls let's just hope their big sisters warm up their company as quickly as i have. big sisters are tough, boy! the only thing i am concerned about is the ladylayer's ability to get to water. i think they are ok but i'll check in later. if they look a bit parched, panting or any other such weak sign, then i'll send the older sisters out to the run, block the way and usher the young ladies to the waterer for some refreshment. i wonder... how long will this process last?

give peace a chance chickenchica's
give peace a chance
left - silver laced wyndotte
center - americauna
right - brown leghorn
beauties each and every one

Sunday, February 8, 2009

mixed company


guess who moved into the chickenchica coop under the dark of night? the younglady layers moved into the chickenchica coop under the dark of night.


here's to hoping all goes well in the morning

maybe the girls will wake up - take a good look at each other - remember seeing each other from across the way - ponder it for a moment - shake their feathery heads and think...
have they been here all this time?
saf, freckles,
did you see them come in?

me neither

ok then, what do you say to some scratching and breakfast?
sounds good to us alf, let's go
hey, you ladies coming?
the best scratching is out here.

and go about their daily business
fingers crossed, that would be nice.
the adventure continues

a truly beautfiul day

if i could capture this day i would - a cool 62˚f, just a tad bit cloudy and enough of a breeze to hear the leaves rustle, to feel your hair blow and to keep anyone out of doors working hard comfortable and dry.

it's the perfect, sit on the porch, sip a drink and drop off for a nap day. it's the perfect wash the car yourself day. it's good day for digging a good day for scratching (so i've observed with the chickens. it's a good day for sitting high and just looking about as mr. t supercat is doing now. also a good day to set in seedlings and starter plants as the air is just right - not too hot, not too cool - and the overcast sky protective from harder sun conditions.

all this good day and tonight topped off with a full moon to view ooooo eeee it will be nice. i could definitely go for a few more of these.

i thought i might give you a view of the garden now that i have removed all of the row covers and such. things around here are looking pretty darn green. one of my winter planted daikon radish is going to flower and the wee tiny flowers are blushing a beautiful pink. she'll be quite lovely when she really let's loose. i hope to save some seed from this hearty lady, she's held on rain, shine and chill of night. she, my friend is a keeper.

nothing in the garden is looking real tall. lots of greens, cabbage, beets, turnips, rutabaga, chard, carrots and herbs and such. there are seedlings of the string bean variety, the corn variety, cukes, melons and onions and maters. all that is to be in for the spring is in. around here we have to start early as the heat can come in heavy and fast. and once it's in the gardens slow down, way down and for a while it's better to let it rest and wait for cooler days.

here's a better look at our friends cabbage and cardoon with a rogue pea that founds it's way into their company. i keep cabbages of various planting dates in several of the beds these here just beginning to form bitty heads.

the cardoon i planted by seed. they have the slightly serrated leaves and i'm surprised by the success we're having this year. this is not the first attempt but absolutely the best result. and they seem to do quite well with the cabbage at their sides.

well with the coming harvest of the meatie chickens i finally broke down and purchased a chest freezer. one not too big and not too small but feeling just right.

today at the grocery i found organic milk 2 bucks for a half gallon so i purchased ten and packed them in for later use. i have not seen a deal like that in a long time considering the gallon jugs along side were selling for 6 - was it a mistake? don't know, did not ask.

i then decided to look about to see if there were any other deals to be had and sure enough there were. so i picked up a small stock of organic whole wheat flour and three cans of my favorite chicory and coffee blend. now everything is stashed away in the just right size freezer along side a yesterday chicken. he's huge can you see how huge, he nearly fills the side bin on his own.

well there is still much work to do. lot's of reading today, enough to fill my remaining hours of sunlight and maybe then some. i'll be here on the porch if you wish to find me determined as ever to enjoy this truly beautiful day.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

dinner begins

well folks it is official - i am not bound to live a life as a vegetarian.

not been following this blog i see?
no problem, i'll catch you up.
  • raising meat chickens with two possible outcomes
  • butcher the chickens - live a life allowing chicken for dinner
  • no guts to butcher the chickens - live a life as a vegetarian with a whole lot of superfat chickens in tow.
i would bet you could guess that we butchered our first chickens today, coolio-neighbor and i. he was a sport teaching me the ropes - a good man. we kept it simple today, a small batch of four rooroos.

note of consideration
* * * * * * *
if this entry bothers you, then i suggest you move on at this time.
change your blog channel or visit a different hippychick entry.

it's ok, this kind of thing is not for everyone.

stop by another day and all will be well.

the processing went well - no photos today as it was just the two of us - no extra hands for camera. here's how it went. i promise to keep the graphics light.
  • neighbor waited while i chose and picked up each rooster
  • i held the rooster, talked to the rooster and petted the rooster until he calmed down which only took about a minute
  • i then said a little prayer and thanked the rooster looking at him in the eye so that he would know i am sincere in my wishes and i am if there are any doubters out there
  • i then walked him over to where we were processing
  • and we processed - enough said
we handled each chicken with great humanity. we did not bring the second, third or fourth around until the one prior had been completely taken care of.

neighbor and i both finished with two chickens each. today it was just four but boy these rooroos are huge! the two i walked with weigh in at 7 1/2lbs each.
that's no small potatoes in my world. dinner for a week on that little lovely for sure.

what will i do with them?

one is in the oven
one is in the freezer

thank you hippychickens of the unviverse.
27 more to go.

- i repeat my silent blessing -
thank you rooroos thank you

making friday count

much to do this weekend, some of it planned and great giant bit - popped in surprise! but we'll not focus on that. in light, anything i could cram into friday's daylight hours would turn out to be a huge plus and we did pretty well.
  • removed the garden hoop covers and all hardware - stored it away
  • moved and replanted the goldkist apricot, pineapple pear and almond tree to their more permanent homes
  • moved the kiwi vines to live beneath the arbor
  • split my largest maiden grass tufts into several bits and planted them about - still more to locate - they have hugely multiplied - great goods for water starved areas and we've got those
  • watered all gardens
  • planted out baby cuke vines
  • planted out string bean vines
  • picked up another three bags of chicken feed
  • watched a short episode of chicken t.v.
  • paged through my latest issue of countryside magazine
  • chatted a bit with family
  • took step one towards the new garden layout
  • after all of the above, sat with mr. t supercat and enjoyed a beer
that's a good bit of work there. i actually did not finish everything in the daylight hours but pulled pretty close. opera was out with me which was nice. always good to have some company. so starts the weekend. at least i got a small bit of gardening taken care of. better a bit than none.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

pondering pondering pondering round two

exploration variation of the meaties that is
in truth the pondering has past and the exploration variation is in forward momentum notion motion
the date is set, their food not yet, their housing readied and bedding dressed

dark black cornish this round
with a stance regal and proud
a serious looking bird
a protector
a tempting dark beauty
a vision

the plan then shifts from meatie round one to round two. i hope in round two to keep a couple extra few on the hippychickfarm and safe from all harms to foster future generations the way natural chickenyfolk do. they'll make um', they'll lay um', they'll raise them in brood. mama cornish, papa cornish you can see it can't you?

i've still more research and more planning yet to do. are they good mamas? are they good papas? is this a healthy strong lined breed to keep a few?

so onward upward, delving deeper, creeping slowly, having fun
but for now we'll keep on learning what we're learning from meatie groupo round one

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tripping tastes of the hippychick universe

hey folks the day has come to launch a new venture!
hippychick's super-d-lovely eggscellent biz
a.k.a. super-organically home raised chickenchica eggs.

super-fab-o-luscious baby!
the girlies regularly enjoy fresh greens, organic feed and any yummy protein rich creatures they can scratch up. they also enjoy home cooked oats and grains on chilly mornings. they listen to classical music and/or down home texas music during the day depending on how they feel. in short - these chickenchicas are happy, loved, superfriendly and have many human, kitty and bunny bunny admirers in the universe. their life is good.

the break down
- - - - -
2 bucks for 6
4 bucks for 12
- - - - -
we sell local only
if you live near or around bastrop texas then you are in luck!
if you work at ut austin, you're in luck because i spend a good bit of time there too.
we have rich superhealthy greens ready too
they'll be washed clean, spun dry and ready to eat right out of the bag
you will not be sorry
- - - - -
2 bucks a bag
- - - - -
get the greenie greens while they last
they get munched up uber-fast
get your organically home grown home raised goods
from a hippychick who loves all the courageous growing creatures in her happy shining universe

- meatie chickens coming soon -

local only - local only - local only - local only - local only
a hippychick hand to hand sustainable ad-venture

Monday, February 2, 2009

greening of the hippychick universe

a pleasant thing, arriving home after a trip, to find the creatures happy, the neighbors happy and the gardens happy. happy and fruitful that is.

there were three eggs in the nest, the meaties are looking super plump and the garden beginning to overflow-eth.

i was blessed today with beautiful baby carrots, wintered over peppers, pink radish, white radish, gold radish and a bounty of greens of many a varied sort - beet greens, borage, red mustard, french red lettuce, chard, spinach and my throw it all together in one plot cut and come again mesclun mix.

i cannot get over these pink radish are they not the most beautiful radish you have ever seen? ooohee! they are for me.

looks like i'm in salad, veggies and eggs for a while. time to start experimenting with springy salad dressings. there are two standard ingredients to most all of my salads - feta cheese or goat cheese. if i've got my cheese, got my greens and i've got my veggies, i can often enjoy the meal with or without a dressing.

other favorites include a coarsely chopped soft boiled egg with a bit of coarse ground pepper or a dash of olive oil and a squeeze of a lemon. both are truly divine.

now that i've tapped into the carrot patch, its going to be tricky to keep my carrot hungry paws out of there. so to supplement my uncontrollable urge, i popped another package of carrots seeds into the ground today. ah i could do worse things in life. addiction to healthy veggies? i'll own that vice.

now that the past few weeks/month's crazy travel has passed, i've decided that it's time to get my running booty back into shape. i've been out for a while due to a nasty fall which lead to an ankle injury last october. my ankle injury still eiiks out an ouch here and there when i'm working around the yard and sometimes it blows up after a hard days work but i don't think i can take the not running thing much longer. running keeps me sane. i'm not a meditation type person, i'm physical. i've got to move it move it. so here's to hoping the ankle decides to play nice. better start filling those ice cube trays, superfun!

i'm not going to follow my usual path which is to sign up for some silly marathon and begin training with a no room - no time to fail mindset. rather, i'm going to try the running for pleasure plan. get out there, run a while, get a good look around, a good bit of fresh air, sing a few songs and sweat the blues away. it feels good already just in the typing of it. how's that?

i wonder if the folk i usually wave to miss my passing by? it may sound silly but there are folk i visually communicate with on every run even though i've never met them proper. maybe this time i'll stop, introduce myself, get to know them a bit so that i might greet them by name each day. sounds like a good idea to me.

neighbor and i spoke today. looks like this weekend will be the first butchering of several of the meaties. we were noticing that several of the roosters are beginning to have a tough time moving about; getting too heavy for their leg joints which usually means that it's time.

actually this fellow here in the photo is one of our smaller sized rooroos - not ready yet.

i thought i might be freaking out at the thought since this will be my first time butchering an animal i have personally raised for the purpose of eating but actually i think i'm ok. i have made it habit to remind myself each morning their given purpose. i say it in my mind several times and so far, it seems to be working. we will see how it goes when the weekend arrives but right now i'm feeling fine which is a very good sign.

you see, for me, this raising of the meaties was going to go one of two ways.
  • one - i raise the meaties, i take part in the butchering of the meaties, i get to eat the meaties.
  • two - i raise the meaties, i don't have the heart to take part in the butchering of the meaties which means that i eat no meaties of any kind until i learn how to take full responsibility for what i eat. i'd be a woman eating only eggs and veggies with a whole lot of wobbly looking meaties.
responsibility for my own food, that's what so much of this adventure is about. here we gooooo!
darkly darkly traveling beneath city's sulphur yellow glow
sun not risen
water's edge flattened plane
lumps and bumps in the road shake me wake me
neon signs come in sight
what's your life expectancy i quietly ask?
passing flick flick flicker flicker and goodbye

under the cover overhead protection ceiling protection made of concrete
ah protection is that protection? what an ouch as chips may fall
eyes still bleary
blast of cold
ssshoop thunk pass through a tunnel
whirring windy spindly windy vibration
kept keep away vibration kept keep away as whirring downly dies
conscious focus footsteps click clock, fip, fop, think, thunk, click clock fip fop think thunk clop
fluorescent overhead feels unnatural feels a bit dead not unwordly
why white? white clear white stiff solid turn away
tunnel vision tripping senses
sense the scent coffee brewed
carmeled popcorn, frankfurted dogs turning senses
power off

early early oh so early
stop to view sun's morning rise
another miracle another day
shall the sun yet rise again?
turn away and steady forward only two more gates to go
saunter forward seated downward setting coat upon the lap

dream of bedtime dream of comfort dream of sleep still sleep deprived
natural daylight ahhh bless the daylight
tuning out the morning's news
all the bad news, all the false news, spectacle unworthily unworthily
where is happiness? where are good deeds? where is positive positivity?

number called
respond as expected
sitting quietly closing eyes
thinking pondering
pondering drifting dream open eyes softly home
at just that moment, the most quiet moment
watch alarm sends forth alarm
sound sound sound
sound sound sound
sound sound sound
sound sound ...
aha and back, aha and back, something to drink? no thank you, no.

drifting quietly, drifting quietly, drifting qu...