Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tucking the garden in for a bit of a chill

yeah yeah i can hear you now

a bit of a chill?
in central texas?*(&*$@!
oh boo hoo for you

hey i'm not talking about me, i'm talking about the planting creatures. my veggies, my eats for the winter months, the garden beds all around the place.

those of most concern in the east garden include
  • peppers
  • maters
  • eggyplants
  • other tender babes that might not appreciate the chill so very much
these kiddos are now snug as a bug under a heavy weight row cover - got that set out this morning so no more worries when it comes to the east side beds.

then there are the
  • papaya trees
  • maters in the other garden
  • wee grapefruit tree
  • herbie babes
  • tender plants and flowers about the place

a freeze is a freeze north or south and it's a sorry gardener that does not plan ahead. tomorrow's protection plan includes caring for the trees and outlying garden areas.

i plan to wrap the papaya tree stalk with newspaper then slip some egg cartons around and finish with a burlap wrap. that should keep the kiddos quite cozy.

i will build a hoop house over the maters in the other garden then give them a wrap of plastic sheets and tuffbell rowcover for protection.

the wee grapefruit tree, along with various tender plants and flowers will probably get a feed sack over the top with a wrap of burlap at their base and a good piling of leaves for soil protection. it's a good thing recycling the paper feed sacks. they are usually two-layers of heavy duty paper with a plastic sheet in between which makes them hearty for dry and wet. sometimes i'll place a paper feed sack over the plant first and then place a second poly sack over the top for extra extra extra care.

just remember - if and when the temperatures rise- that you must remove the covers and or lift them off to keep plants from overheating. yeah it might mean some work on your part but hey the pay off is home grown goods and besides it's good exercise.

texas folk - there is a possible freeze - a - coming - don't say i didn't warn ya! and it's a rainy one forecast, so take extra care - a wet frozen sheet - not so good - you might want to pull out some plastic.


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