Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the meaties new digs


Anonymous said...

Hello chick, wishing you happiness this holiday season. A quick question. I’ve been scanning the seed catalogues. Want to try growing okra. Is it a cool weather crop? Do you plant it or start it inside and transplant it? Lastly, I know it is used in soups but can it be eaten raw?

Take care and stay cool.

shellywoman said...


Okra is a warm weather crop. okra survives around here when all else wilts. okra and black eyed peas a.k.a. cow peas will pretty much put up with heat and hot as long as you give them a drink every now and again.

okra will die off at the first sign of freeze to a gunky moosh.

As far as eating goes, okra is always best when young. let it get too big and it becomes a stringy hard pod best for saving seed for next seasons crop which is exactly what i do. 2 1/2" length is nice.

soups - yes

fresh - yes when young, and i prefer the red strains of okra over the green strains of okra for fresh eating.

pickled okra is killer! try it

fried okra - i don't make much of that around here but it's good stuff too.

it takes a bit of time to grow up, so, if you are in the north, start okra indoors, once it's warm out, no sign of frost, set it out protected til temps stay above 45 to 50 degrees F, once established, it's easy as pie. place it on the north and/or west side of your garden so as not to shade out other crops.

plan for it to mature at the heat of your summer. if you are north, i have seen cannot, remember where, okra for shorter growing seasons.

zippy said...


have a great christmas. i'll drop into a powder shot for you. and wave from the top on christmas morning.



John at Cell Phone Recycling said...
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shellywoman said...


how was that powder shot!?

Conny said...

Love the new coop - very ingenious! Happy New Year. ~ Conny

shellywoman said...

zippy -

any news on the snowmobilers and the rescuers in fernie, b.c.?

ohhhhh not good

shellywoman said...

sorry i was reading an old report

- last year's report

- i checked twice thinking how could this happen two years in a row.

- fingers crossed all peeps remain safe this year.