Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's not about you

anyone who has ever birthed, cared for, or raised another a creature or the land - be that creature human, in tree form or otherwise knows ever so well that there will be a day, if not many, where the day, week, year, years are not about you. it's about those in your care. it's a choice we make when we take on the responsibility of another.

there is joy
there is sacrifice
there is hard work
there is thoughtfulness
there is constant effort
and there is love

yesterday was a hippychick day for creatures
the cold chill is here and though i believe the weather may quickly warm up for the week i also have a deep feeling that we have some serious cold on the way. i don't ignore these intuitive senses. they may not be right on. they may not time out as thought but they are important reminders of the tasks necessary to get all creatures through the winter months.

so i prepared & completed the following tasks
  • wrap bee hives with double layer of tyvec - leaving the hive entry free and clear
  • insulated the new meatie brooder with layers of burlap and old sheets
  • insulated and blocked cool air from entering in and under the garagebarn door
  • insulated the east side of the crazy coop caper from blowing wind with further stacked bails of hay
  • set out a 8" layer of fresh dry leaves in the outer run
  • set out a 8" layer of hay in the inner roosting area
  • set up a cozier sleeping space for opera in the garagebarn - a spot he willingly slept comforted away from last night's chilly 24˚ temp
  • covered the gardens with a thermal layer of rowcover for some, heavy plastic for others
  • set out scratch for the chickeny creatures so they might eat, enjoy and warm up their insides
  • fluffed up the hay in the wabbity homes for burrowing
  • mixed up a very big batch of fresh suet for birds and creatures which i just set out and about this cool morning
  • made a batch of spicy chicken soup with okra and green peppers for the humans
it was a good day
  • i want to do more for the wabbits. i'm thinking wool bedding in their sleeping quarters. if you raise sheep, have a small pillowcase full of raw wool available and are in smalltown bastrop or near smalltown bastrop throw me a line. i'm looking for you.


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