Sunday, December 13, 2009

dark days week 4 - fresh pasta hippychick style

dark days week four
* * * * * * *
i think it's time for a personal favorite
fresh home crafted pasta a'la chickeny chica eggs from out back

let's head back to a time when everyone made their own pasta
with fresh eggs
made to be eaten the day you make it
feel your ancestors calling...

  • eggs from the ladies out back
  • semolina flour or white or whole wheat flour
  • salt and pepper
*i'm adding in some ground home grown and dried ancho pepper for color and flavor

here we've got the pasta dough well rested and cut into two pieces, ready for rolling. i roll each piece with a pin to a 4" x 12" sized piece at about 1/4" thick before the first feed into the pasta machine.

here we've got the pasta dough making it's way slowly toward the proper thickness for pappardelle. i wish you could smell the fragrance of the dough. it's lovely, sunny and fresh as can be. the dough is slowly rolled from setting to setting until one's desired thickness is achieved. once thickness is achieved, the shape of cut can be made. *note- this is all possible by hand too. do not let anything hold you back from giving fresh pasta a go.

beautiful pasta makes it's way through the cutter. i slowly catch the pasta as passes through. then off to my homemade pasta dryer which consists of a cardboard tube hung with sisal string. this is a great re-use of your christmas wrapping tubes.

hangin' out
the pasta hangs in waiting for it's destiny of a salty hot water bath and a sauce. that which is not cooked today will hang a bit longer to dry before being stored in a sealed and refrigerated container.

here it is!
fresh egg pasta paired with garden greens

i thought that i would whip up a meat sauce today but that's not really possible when the grass fed ground beef is still rock hard solid in the freezer. oh well - not a problem. i ended up going with a simple but equally tasty mix of olive oil, butter, garlic and black pepper.

the greens are fresh from the garden. i made a dressing of home grown lemon juice, olive oil, mustard, vinegar and varied spices.

there's plenty left for a proper meat sauce later in the week
pasta and greens
happy me

* make some pasta for a happy you *

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Anonymous said...

Looks delicious! Attempting homemade pasta is going to be one of my new years resolutions!