Sunday, December 6, 2009

dark days 3 around the hippychick homestead

i was up early this morning. i just woke up. the day was yet indeed dark. there was rain pattering upon the roof above. i checked on the thawing cornish bird in the sink - she was ready for the roast pan. first to the garden, i put a sweater on over my pj top, slipped on my rubber boots and set out to remove the row covers from the garden beds around the place. i wanted to make sure the gardens were open to the refreshing rain.

upon the unveiling of the beds i noted those plants taken in the oddly timed hard freeze we experienced earlier this week. the tomatoes, peppers, basil and eggplant were all hit. rowcovers are helpful but they are not able to solve all.

i made effort to harvest the green peppers - a full 1/2 bushel of the beauties. i collected the green maters - enough for a quart jar pickled. the basils were inspected in hopes of digging a few up to grow inside through the winter - we'll see. the morning's eggs were then collected and bunnies visited with gifts of greens for happy munching.

as i worked i pondered...

it is yet again that month where funds go as far as they are able to but inevitably fall short of the whole of the month. it is never a surprise. i can see when a month may run longer than the funds. regardless of the outlook, i make a habit of paying out all bills first, i then purchase the month's worth of kitty, chicken and rabbit feed and any necessary creature goods. that way if cash runs short i know it's simply a matter of scrimping through the rest of the month. i also know that scrimping does not equal unhappiness or a lack of quality lifestyle for the put up garden goods, butchered birds and basic staple stores here at the hippychick universe are good and fine. and scrimping often leads to creative solutions one might not have considered given a different situation.

where did the cash money all go? i imagine it goes different places for varied folk as varied folk live varied lives. for this folk, this month required a renewal of car insurance which was paid in full so as to be done with it. then there are funds reserved for traveling and hollyday visiting of family folk as well as hollydays gifts and treats. there are other bits too but long story short, we at the hippychick universe are at that place of dry funds.
we're not worried - i think we'll be more than fine - in fact i'm sure we'll be fine

maybe you're thinking?
charge it!
maybe you're thinking like me, like many
not a chance!

i have vowed to myself not to charge anything unless in absolute dire straits. the plan in these parts is to pay off and we are sticking to it, making it habit and feeling good about it. the motivation to continue such a habit arrives each month when the sum due grows slimmer and slimmer.

once back in from the garden, from the morning chores, i got busy with the preparation of sunday's dinner. the goods are 99% organic homegrown with the other 1% from outside sources - water, olive oil, salt and pepper.

funny how good it feels to know you were a growing part of nearly every bit of the dinner.

- on the menu -
home raised dark cornish chicken seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper and garden grown herbs, rosemary, thyme and sage finished with a peach, mint glaze (put up earlier this summer)
-- sides of turban squash and home grown sweet taters --

i layered the sweet taters and squash directly beneath the chicken. there they gather flavor from the roasted juices of the herb crusted bird. i set the pan in the oven while i prepped up a batch of whole wheat biscuits.

hours later - walaaa!
a fine meal of homegrown goods
nothing better.

sound like thanksgiving?
well maybe but considering i did not cook a thanksgiving dinner at home this year, i figured it was fine.

what have you got in your freezer?
what is there fresh about your place?
take a look around - think creatively - think on a simple comfort level - make something up - most of all, enjoy that which you have. seek the positive.

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Holly said...

Thumbs up on the no charging! This month we at the Green Anthropology Homestead are stretching as far as we can... and calling the holidays 'simple'. The bills are paid (barely) and we can eat.
My winter veggies and herbs were zapped by the freeze, too. Snow is fun, but not when it it gives your food source a left-hook!