Thursday, December 31, 2009

a beautiful most eggcellent treat

i find a simple homemade cheese omelet and toasted english a most beautiful a.m. site especially when the eggs are from your own chickens and the cheese from that which you made the night before from local milk, real milk. it is a site to behold. as for leftovers, forget it. food this good goes down easy.

until today - omelets were not a part of my idea of something most beautiful

i have always been an egg sandwich kind of girl. buttered english with egg over easy, lettuce, mater, cheese (usually chevre) and black pepper. no meat please, just eggs, veggies and tangy cheese. bacon, i find overpowers everything else so when it comes to bacon, i stick to the equally amazing bacon, lettuce and mater sammy with a bit of real mayo on the breads. and if not in egg sandwich form, then it's strictly eggs over easy with toast. it's been that way with me for a long time.

lately, i've been thinking that it's time i put on my big girl egg pants and give other forms of egg eating another chance/try.

i adore quiche.
i do not adore scrambled eggs.
i do not adore omelets.

in fact i avoid omelets and scrambled eggs at every turn - i think it's partly a texture thing - maybe it's also been a not as good as my own eggs thing. i find it incredibly hard to order eggs out now but that's a whole other conversation...

i have never been a big scrambled egg fan - the idea of scrambled eggs has always struck me as odd - don't know why - quiche eggs are scrambled - then again, they cook different from scrambled - don't know for sure - i find the runny wet stuff left over from the scrambled is not attractive and the smell of burnt scrambled - eiiii gaddddds! granted i have not made straight out only eggs scrambled eggs from our own eggs. i always mix in this or that, veggies, lots of veggies into the mix. i fear the result otherwise. i fear the way they might look. i have memories of runny unfluffy scrambled eggs. all this aside, i plan on giving scrambled eggs a second chance. this time with our own home raised eggs.

i was to make scrambled eggs this morning but i chickened out. rather, i cooked an omelet. i was ready to fail. to cook it too fast in too hot a pan or too slow and never rid the runnies from the mix which would have led to the last resort of scrambled eggs. to my own surprise, the omelet turned out perfect, and believe me, this proved a genuine surprise.

here's how i made the omelet -
but before i tell you how i made the omelet, read the following...
or not
it's up to you

side notes:
the following is designed more to help my own self remember how i found success with an omelet more than anything else. if it works for you too then great but truly this is a brain often fails resort. this is my own hitchhiker's guide to omelet making if you follow. if not just go on, no need to waste any more time trying to make sense from my clear non-sense.

i save the wee small pullet eggs for home eating while the larger eggs head off to market.

i have an electric top stove
(this makes me a bit sad but it's what i've got and it works just fine)

i always cook my eggs in a cast iron skillet - always

  • i beat three wee small eggs with a tad bit of salt and few good twists of black pepper.
  • i heated a slightly oiled (olive oil) iron skillet to hot hot hot.
  • i then turned down the heat to medium
  • i counted to thirty then poured the eggs into the skillet and covered the skillet
  • one minute later i turn the heat off
  • removed the cover
  • slowly lifted the edges of the omelet from the hold of the skillet
  • i broke up bits of cheese over the center of the egg and gently folded the sides of the omelet over the cheese and covered the skillet once again.
  • i moved the skillet to a cold burner - it was plenty hot and the iron would surely hold enough heat for the next few minutes.
  • i toasted my english, buttered the english and placed them on a plate.
  • i lifted the top off of the skillet and again to my surprise, perfection!
  • i plated the omelet with ease - i love my cast iron skillet
first bite - mmmmmmmmmm eggcellent!

omelet - check plus
scrambled? we will see

additional side notes:
i now believe omelets deserve a much more attractive fancypants spelling - omlette!
this omelet thing is not nearly as cool as omlette.
i vote omlette.
fancypants omlette it is!
argue as you like, it's now omlette for me

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