Monday, December 14, 2009

the a.m. wander

up early
play with kitten
catch a cup of coffee

head out to the chickeny universe
water and feed all chickens
collect eggs
check in on wabbits

wander the garden
wander the yard
feed opera kitty and give him a few hearty scratches behind the ears and on his bummy bum bum
chat with chickens
catch up on the morning's goings ons

meat sauce

set a pot on the stove
crack open two quarts of stewed maters
crack open one pint of mater sauce
pull out one cup of sun dried maters
grind the sun dried maters down in the coffee grinder
place the one pound of grass fed ground beef in the pot
add herbs, spices, a slosh of olive oil and three chopped green peppers
brown slowly
once half browned add in maters stewed, sauced and dried
mix it up good
swap heat to low, cover the top of the pot, slow cook several hours
keep your fingers and spoon out of the pot

collect mail
books arrived
handmade home by amanda blake soule
sewing green by betz white
hive and the honey bee by l.l. langstroth

look through old clothes for possible fabric options
cut buttons off
save in a jar

play with kitten
coffee two
share time with family on the phone
wander the garden while with family
family, creatures, home, nature
those most important to me

birthday coming up
42 this month
aging feels natural
creeks and cricks added this year
soul more full than ever
home shaping in a way most beautiful
family closer than ever
friendships blooming
bits of earth, bits of sweetness enter each and every day
happy honestly happy

mind wanders
time for stirring the sauce and maybe a small taste

been making gifts for family
no photos yet - not until the gift has been given
sweet soft things for tender hearts
opening a creative side unpracticed

homemade goods run roots deep
homegrown and homeraised too


zippy said...

the advocates for local living (a be local enviro group) shows a film on the third monday of every month. most are about food and sources. this month (tonight) the movie was "Fresh". if you haven't seen it , find it and watch it. a visual and ethical contrast between factory farming and organic farming--both medium scale and urban. great inspiration. and brutal images of factory chicken raising. will make your cringe and cry.

after the movie, we sat around and talked about the issues of growing up here in the northern rockies. -25 C tonight walking home from a glass of wine at the brick house.

what is "local"? the hot houses in burnaby bc 300 km away? or just can your brains out at the end of the summer?

interesting night. i mentioned your blog as another way of looking at things.

keep it up.

shellywoman said...

that sounds like interesting conversation - don't beat yourself up too hard. do what you are able to do now and work toward what you would like to achieve in the future. seek the positive.

wine at the brick house

that's a great image
-25c i remember that from my days in suomi (finland) - also nice in it's own quite sort of way - the crunch and squeaks beneath feet.

i bet the skies out your way are to die for! stars bright enough for wishing each and every night.

keep warm, someday i'll head up that way - i am kind of kooky - i once took a winter vacation to iceland - that's just who i am.


zippy said...

here's a morning thought

narrative is a writing oriented site that once in a while runs thess advice deals. great place

off to freshies for coffee on a snowy morning. and then down to whitefish for the launch of whitefish review #6. fine wine. fine art. fine company. and a bit of music in the country to the south.