Wednesday, November 11, 2009

she's at it again - table birds 2oo9

chickenmama life keeps a girl busy and out of trouble that is for sure.

i pondered and pondered before making the decision to indeed go in on a fall round of hippychick universe table birds.
yup you read that right - chickens for eatin', no question about it.

i am making a go with 25 white cornish lady table birds. they are scheduled to arrive next week so i better get chickbaby brooder number two up and ready as chick baby brooder number one is currently home to 1o baby victory chicken layer babes with more victory chicken layer babes arriving tomorrow.

it's a nursery i tell you!
the wee ones are all about
peeping and peeping and peeping
wabbit wabbiting
you say
wabbit wabbiting?
wabbit wabbiting

there is a new wabbit wabbit in the hippychick universe. a wee itty boy - dark and sleek - cute cute cutie - wabbit is friend not dinner - more on wee wabbit boy to come...

back to the chicken babes

my plan is to raise this round of table birds a.k.a. the meaties in a temporary yard coop/run - once they are at size to travel out of doors of course - that i will fashion from re-purposed wood pallets, chicken wire, a tarp and scrap lumber. it won't be fancy but it will look respectable and serve the needs of the birds while providing plenty of space for roaming about. i will set the upcycled coop in the yard giving the girls the ability to forage about in the fine fine fine light of the sun. their residence will in turn provide the yard with a good dose of chickenypoopoopa-doo.

i plan to set down a thick layer of wood chips in an open area to encourage the natural poopadoopa composting process and to protect the girls feetsies from any wet/cold muddy days we might experience in the near future. i will construct a simple sheltered area for the evening snooze and for those delicate flowers seeking the comfort of shade.

weekend full up - check!
simple project - check!
taking responsibility for my own food - check!


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