Sunday, November 15, 2009

rise and shine with dark days home grown goods

rise - squeeze fresh juice - jar the juice
- waking to a most fragrant scent is never a bad way to start the day -

this is dark days week one
the dark days folks make efforts to produce at least one local grown and/or raised meal per week. i thought i would give the challenge a go this year since. i'm starting out simple with fresh home grown lemons.

seasonal lemons = seasonal lemon-aide

how to:
squeeze your lemons
fill a glass with ice
pour in 3 tablespoons of fresh juice
fill the glass with fresh cool water
sweeten with honey if you like
i thank the hippychick bees for my honey

this will keep me cheery throughout the day's work

we are having a most productive weekend here in the hippychick universe
  • moving wood chips for pathways - lots and lots and lots of wood chips - 5 yards so far with 5 yards to go - you should see the garden now - the pathways should help reduce the bug population too - no more puddles for mosquito brothels
  • weed the vegetable garden - the whole garden!
  • painting the house - one area at a time
  • painting supers for the bees
  • feed the bees - sugar water with beneficial essential oils
  • moving the bunnies to their winter southside of the coop location
  • bake up a peach cobbler with our own home canned peaches
  • play with the tigger a.k.a. ms darla kitty
  • looks like i may be putting up a rooster today too - he's about the right size and definitely a bit more chatty than i think folks around here prefer. me, i like his morning song but i must be wise to the fact that i live with neighbors close by.
monitoring one's rooster population is part and parcel of an urban homesteaders existence. you have to. my neighbors are incredibly understanding but the moment i feel the possibility of a tension i act. i find instinctual lingerings are often right on target and i no longer throw them out to the wind. i act. so i have spent much of the morning while working on chores, prepping myself for the event. i like my roosters and i know better but i like them just the same. so it's time to buck up and take care of the deed. i think first, i might move a few four or five barrow loads of wood chips first.

am i putting off the deed?
will i do the deed?

it's not easy folks.
not everything in a homesteader's life is easy.
especially when this rooster was suppose to be a girl chick in the first place.
so it goes...

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