Thursday, November 5, 2009

plans for the saturday - not too long away

plans for the one day off this week - saturday
  • more homemade pasta - this last batch is so amazing that i'm eating it for breakfast! think what you like - better to have the whole day to burn it off i say
  • make cheese - i have three gallons of raw milk to play with - woohoo
  • juice lemons - mmm mmm mmm i love lemon juice in almost everything
  • another round of pesto - this a purple savory mix of basil leaves
  • move some compost - revving up the fall garden
  • start a 50 gallon batch of compost tea
  • harvest honey - i hope i hope i hope
  • laundry, sweeping, etc. inside house stuff
  • donations to local charity groups - clothing and goods that would get better use with another
and who knows what else - should be a full day - weather permitting

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