Sunday, November 1, 2009

moments prior to sun's set as the moon grows full

a good day today. many tasks accomplished. weather perfect throughout the whole of the day for outside chores.

the pile of leaves and shredded tree trimmings - once here now is gone. in truth, all of it has been distributed about the yard laying out new paths in areas. once prone to mud - they are now four inches deep - soft and pleasant under foot, upon one's knees or even when one is sitting about .

in other parts of the place the seeded crimson clover grows in heavy. i am pleased. never has the clover grown in so successfully. the recent days rain and the cool night air have worked in my favor. the clover will prove most beneficial to the bees - the primary reason for the mass planting. now to wait out it's growth and it's flowering and it's sweet scent when walked upon. i am tempted to lay out a second sewing in areas not yet seeded.

i turned the compost today. the pile has grown in size even as it breaks down the heft of the pile is as high as i prefer it to be. so in order to continue the process with the seasons falling leaves and the goods from the cleaning of coops i set up another composting pile. this one back to back with that already filled under the protection of a tall pecan tree. the goods as they work will feed the tree all through winter. protection for feeding - i figure it a more than pleasing trade.

the sweet potato harvest proved disappointing. i wonder if the lack of summer rain and the taxing heat is partially responsible. don't know for sure. i do know the chicken creatures more than appreciate the sweet tater greens. all was not lost. and there is always next year. good thing organic sweet taters are not a crop overly expensive at market.

i planted bordeaux spinach and sorrel in the place where the sweet taters once where. the soil was thoroughly turned in the searching for taters. i lay out the seed and watered it in. i then covered the whole with 1 1/2" of fresh compost and watered that in too.

now i sit.
organic yukon gold taters boil on the stove - soon to be chilled and enjoyed in this week's lunchy greens. i'll steam fresh beans for the same and boil a few eggs before mixing up the dressing vinaigrette.

as the sun sets i feel content to rest.
the weekend has been fine.
tonight the moon grows full but i shall sleep - i hope well and sound.

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