Sunday, November 29, 2009

dark days week 2 in the hippychick universe

it is sunday and the sky is turning from clear to overcast as the clouds thin and wispy slowly move in. there is moisture in the air. i have covered the hay. i have covered the chicken run. i have collected the morning's eggs, harvested greens, basil and garden grown edibles.
the birds are chattering brightly, possibly making plans for cover from the big rain forecast to fall later this afternoon and evening. fingers crossed it falls.

i walk about with cushy cozy socks and slip on shoes. i am wearing the comfortable jeans and a shirt i don't much mind staining while busy at work in the kitchen. there was much to clean and put up this morning and i'm not good about keeping the splashing and cleaning in the sink at all times. one could say i get into my work and i do.

so what's all this about dark days?
ok ok i'll tell ya!

the dark days challenge is the soul child of laura at (not so) urban hennery in an effort to encourage folks to eat one local meal per week. it's a good challenge and one i fully support. for me, local eating is now close to second nature, for others it may be a new path yet to be discovered. i hope with the blogging of all of us folk taking part that you too might be inspired to make a local meal a part of your weekly meal planning.

if you are interested in taking part in the 3rd annual dark days challenge, stop by and visit laura at (not so) urban hennery. the specifics about the challenge can be found here.

we are also thinking on the level of foods that come from sustainable sources, are organically grown, can be sourced from local farm folk and were raised with ethical standards.

now back to our regularly blog-ed hippychick universe...

this morning has been a scent and textured filled one. the homegrown lemons, now juiced fill me with delight. i froze a good deal of the juice in iced cube trays over night. the little cubes of goodness are now that much easier to portion out. i need only to thaw that which i need. the storage is simple and they are a joy just to look at.

this morning's basil harvest has transcended mere leafdom and moved to the higher bliss filled place of pesto. the mix included - homegrown basil, homegrown lemony juice, homegrown garlic, real italian pecorno cheese and olive oil. yummy! i could not help but to dip a few leafs of greens into the mix. the pesto bowl is a bowl i prefer to clean out on my own with fingers and all. it would be a shame to waste any of that more than good flavor.

never have i been so careful with the munching of cheese as i have with my own. this above is 1/2 of the very first home crafted sharp cheddar cheese. it tastes divine. i do not think i have thought deeply about the true flavors of cheese before setting out to make my own. now i slowly chew each bite while i search to identify the flavors within. i enjoy feeling out the texture and grain. this cheese is not for squandering.

tonight's dinner greens will include
  • beet greens
  • borage
  • comfrey
  • red greens
  • leafy greens
  • kale
  • oakleaf
  • coriander
  • kohlrabi
  • soft boiled eggs
  • locally processed bacon
all topped with a homemade dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and vinegar. i can hardly wait

i am making efforts to and cycle through eat those items frozen and/or stored in the past year. being a huge lover of homemade soups, i will often make a bigger batch of a soup than i could possibly eat in a week. i then put up and/or freeze the remaining half in two or three serving sized batches. it's a great way to use, save and enjoy fresh grown goods all year long and when thawed, they are none the worse for the ware.

lunch was just that, a spring chicken soup made from my own home raised meat chickens and home made broth along with homegrown veggies - carrots, wee squash, tomatoes, peppers and onion. also in the mix, home grown red amaranth grain. there is enough left yet for a dinner sized portion tonight. i don't mind eating the same thing twice in one day, not when it tastes this good.

back outside i go. time to check the chicken waterers, feeders and creature comforts. there are bags of leaves down the road to collect for future chickeny bedding. best to pick them up before the rain.


jasmine said...

wow!! you made your own cheese? and that looks like an aged cheese not just ricotta or mozzarella -- I am in awe.

shellywoman said...

yes aged a short four months but tastes great!