Friday, November 13, 2009

hippychick chats

ok folks this is your chance to see hippychick in her wee-tiny urban homesteading element. the big day is november 21.

- the condition -

there is limited space available so if you are interested, now is the time to join the austin backyard poultry meetup folk or shall i say flock
yeah yeah

you must must must register to attend via the austin backyard poultry meetup group. we will be checking names on a list - do not think that showing up on the date of the chat will be enough. you will have to join and register.

the good news, joining is - free free free - and the chat is free free free.

you can find the the meetup group's page here.

you can learn more about hippychick @ the following

michelle habeck

hippychick's garden

groovy urban homesteaders

the below is an example of an austin backyard poultry newsletter - this particular newsletter announcing the hippychick chat. there is a special event every month. do check out the austin backyard poultry meet up site.

Austin Backyard Poultry
The Chicken Scratch
Issue #22 November 12, 2009
This Newsletter is also available online under the Meetup’s Message Board under the “The Organizers Corner”.


Hey, everyone.
Hope you’re getting ready for the weekend. T-G-almost-I-F! If you haven’t signed up yet for the November meetup, we encourage you to do so. We have a good speaker lined up on Urban Homesteading. See the next section for details. Space is limited and capacity will be enforced. We do ask that if you signed up for the meetup and cannot go for some reason, please change your RSVP to “No” so that someone else may attend in your place. We’ll send out a reminder notice about attendance closer to the meetup. For fairness to our members, we will make a note of the “no-shows”. No-shows may be wait listed on future meetups that have maximum attendance numbers. As our membership continues to grow, members will need to consider how they want to handle meetups. We ask that our members proactively be part of a solution for any changes they would like to see. To get background on what has been discussed regarding meetups and membership or to add your proposes solutions for meetup numbers, go to:

*** NOTE:
While highly unlikely, meetup topic and location subject to change, based on unforeseeable events. Please watch the meetup board for any updates.

More info at:
Date: 11/21/2009 Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (shorter meeting time to allow for commute)

Hippychick's Gardens Bastrop, TX 78602

Join us for a field trip to Bastrop right before the holidays! We'll be meeting in Bastrop at Hippychick's Gardens. For reference, the drive to Hippychick's Gardens is approximately 35 minutes from Callahan’s General Store, directly down Hwy 71. We are meeting, though, directly at Hippychick’s place in Bastrop. Bring a lawnchair with you for this event. Carpooling is encouraged.
This will be a more informal meetup, with the trip and time at the speaker's place being the core of the meeting. Feel free to join us (optionally) at Shady Oaks for home cooking after the meetup.

Michelle Habeck will discuss Urban Homesteading. She will be choosing from and speaking about some of the following topics:
* Chickens for both eggs and for table.
* Chickens relative to the composting process - the scoop on chicken poop
* Methods for raising baby chicks - where they go, when they grow, and methods for mixing flocks
* Options and choices for bedding, for nesting and for chicken runs.

* Demonstration of wing clipping
* Winterizing a coop - yes our winters are not harsh but those week of wet rainy sleet and ice can and might prove problematic for smaller populations of backyard chickens without proper protection. ===================================================================== She will also have the following items for purchase:
* 50 gallon batch of compost tea available for sale by the gallon. Folks should arrive with a gallon jug, old milk or water jug for a fill. She will sell the compost tea for $3.00/gallon with jug & $4.oo without jug for as many jugs as she has available.

* Fresh garden greens available for $2.25 per gallon sized bag.

*Organic kombucha and kombucha starter kits available for folks who are interested - prices vary

* Chickens for sale. If folks are interesting in requesting specific breeds they can email Michelle Habeck at Note - no bantam breeds available.

In addition, Michelle teaches folks about canning and the putting up of food outside of all else. She also makes cheese and raises bees. Private/small group instruction to folks upon request for small fees.


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