Sunday, November 1, 2009

up before the sun

here we are november already and the rooster is crowing out back while the ladychickens are testing out flight and take off routines. the chilly mornings rev everyone up including myself.

i have been up for hours already this a.m. i am caring for the neighbors pups and kitty creatures so i was over early to make sure they had an opportunity to get out of doors to sniff and search and explore the beginning of a new day. then to feed their hungry fasting tummies.

i was able to move half of the chipped wood pile about the place yesterday (a pile of about 6 yards). i placed a good six or seven barrows full in each of the chicken runs.
the chickens immediately made for cleaning out the green leaves and foliage out from the woody bits - scratching away - as they are also doing just now this morning. the wood chips will compost down over time but are sure to last a bit longer than the usual contribution of cut grass and hay. they are good for the growth of beneficial bacteria, for the growth of earthy worms which the girls just adore and they give a good shield from extra wet muddy earth on those rainy days.

the rest of the chippy pile will be distributed around the muddy prone places in the yard. aside from transporting barrows of chips, i'll be digging up the second bed of sweet taters and planting spinach where the taters once rested. i love my greens. yesterday's greens harvest resulted in six gallon sized bags. surely enough for a week's worth of lunch. there is nothing like the sweet flavor of fresh cut greens.

i made efforts to trim the barbed nails of little ms. darla with partial success. she's a little worm in the morning so i must work within limited time pockets of stillness. there are still more little nails needing trimming - another time... mr. t is doing well with ms. darla. the old man sometimes plays, sometimes tolerates but has yet to show any sincere aggression towards her. he too has made efforts to teach the young kitten proper manners but i believe both he and i have a ways to go before she understands the rules of the house. one thing is for sure - ms. darla is plenty comfortable in our universe.

i cleaned up the food pantry a bit yesterday - sorted rice with rice and beans with beans and legumes with legumes, etc. i refilled my flour, sugar and pancake mix stores and set the sprouting seeds in jars upon the shelf. we are plenty ready for the winter months - we have fruits, jams and maters, maters, maters.

i did not manage to get the pasta made yesterday so that task moves to today's bill. the base for the dough will consist of egg, flour and a touch of salt - a simple mix. i will be using a hand cranked pasta maker to roll the goods out. i might just take a shot at squash or pumpkin squash stuffed ravioli today too - all depends in how the day reveals itself.

pasta in the making - whole wheat flour, home grown home made pesto, black pepper, sea salt and eggs - this is the dough resting before the big rolling out.

whole wheat pasta with pesto and parmesan

time to get the body back out of doors
i bet the kitties spend the day lounging in the porch's warm sun light.

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