Monday, November 9, 2009

feeding fall garden goods

lemons cheer me - their look, feel, scent, flavor, shape size, texture and color.

lemons and me, we get along just fine.

the improved meyers are ripe and ready. i trimmed off a good number this morning then juiced half of the harvest which is now stored in a glass jar in the fridge for quick and easy use

two handfuls of key limes proves the full harvest this year. that's not bad for a tree planted within the year.

slowly but surely the homestead is showing returns in vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, table chicken, compost and the joy of caring for it all. it is work but it's work i enjoy.

we had good rain yesterday.

got up early early early this morning in order to spread a thin layer of compost over the fall planted garden areas. everything is looking good. i am tempted to pull the eggplants out for potted planting so as to give space for winter growing goods. that may be a job for the future weekend. i may possibly pull a pepper or two to do the same. if i do it right, i may be able to overwinter them successfully.

in other news -
there is compost tea brewing away in the 50 gallon container. this round fed with humates, compost, molasses, comfrey leaves, fish emulsion and liquid kelp. already it's bubbling over the top of the brewer so i drew out a few gallons for potted plants. i am sure they will enjoy the special treat. i topped off the potted plants with fresh finished compost to keep the microbial action in high gear. i hope to give the brew a good 4 days to ready get cooking. this also allows the comfrey leaves to break down some and really lend their goodness to the mix.

greens planted from seed are sprouting their first true leaves. onions are showing growth in the girth of their above ground greens, garlic greens are healthy, tomatoes are setting while the broccoli begin to set heads. the clover planted for the bees runs 2" in height. so the season forward moves.

i ponder a round of meatie chickens maybe a small group of ten or so. i think so - maybe a round of dual purpose in the case for change of heart. pondering pondering still.

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