Saturday, November 7, 2009

dark of the morn milk n' honey

the summer honey has been jarred. the fall honey harvest need wait a week more.

there is cheese in the making - the curds cut. today's attempt is an inoculated blue. the inoculated curds are a beautiful golden hue. i have no idea how this round will eventually turn out. we are in pure experimentation mode.

the batch of whey produced a beautiful white pint of riccotta now chilling in the fridge.

morning eggs are in the laying while wee kitten conquers jumping leaping and climbing the full breadth of her universe. she like a babe wanting to be a part of each morning task - hollering out those moments my mind falls out and forgets.

the morning's fog was thick and hard in the early early hours of the day. the sun now shines through looking to be a beauty of a day.

i'll soon be heading into austintown to help another. one more task yet to tackle - pasta dough - which should take no time at all. the rolling out will need wait til' later this eve.

now to breakfast - a pot of warm milk with a dollop of honey before pressing the curds, washing up and heading out the door.

not a bad start. there are days when early waking pays.

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