Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the art of the garden path

the art of the garden path

no longer are garden paths simply a way between rows
be they muddy, be they slim or be they full of weeds and grass seeds

the art of the garden path is now a further expression of natural beauty that i wish to explore

garden paths will prove a focus for hippychick this winter

brick-lined, wood chipped, logs for setting upon, logs for marking edges, logs for creatures to forage in and about and paths that assist with mosquito control.

at present,
i have prepared verdant paths of clover planted for bees

paths of acorn for squirrels
paths of thick and cushy chipped wood easy for kneeling
nice for wormie populations and beneficial buggies deep below

how to?
the goal is to purchase nothing - to use only found objects

winter is the time for successful foraging of necessary goods around these parts of central texas. trees are trimmed, some are felled, leaves are raked and bagged and folks - some folks - set them out for collecting by folk like me - i make efforts to beat the garbage folk to them. this requires daily runs and/or walks about the neighborhood which prove not only fruitful but as peaceful bits of time spent out of doors.

i am the countryside dumpster diver - though my dumpster generally comprises of goods set along the side of the road. the key is to keep the back of the outback as empty as possible through this season because you never know what you'll find or where you might spot it.

in order to succeed
one must be
- always at the ready - always at the ready -
i am ready

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