Saturday, October 24, 2009

the rising hour

wee taters from the soil - just a few from the tippy top layer of soil - little sweet things - enough for a tender fresh lunch - now slowly roasting in a simple foil wrap

the days have cooled
today's morning is crisp

the fall flu caught me for a start this week but as it comes it too goes. a fresh start to more carefully choose the foods that go in the body.

today i will keep things simple - a bit of rice, sweet taters, hot tea, and peaches. even this list seems a bit hopeful as my stomach still gurgles away but i will try and if not today then tomorrow. so far the tea feels good on this chilly cool morn'.

we had rain this week - a good fine bit of rain - rain that finally was able to soak deep into the soil and feed the thirsty trees. the ground now soft allows such soaking in where weeks earlier was rock hard and impervious to such an idea.

the citrus trees are showing great spurts of growth, sending out shoots and new branches nearly overnight. it seems here in my patch of central texas that they prefer to send out their greatest growth in the fall. the lemons and limes are near ready for picking and each morning i steady my hand while silently saying to myself "not yet, not quite yet, soon enough".

soon i will pull the remainder of the sweet taters out of the soil for curing. i grow curious and curiouser at the wonder of the size of this year's harvest. enough i am sure and happy we will be for what we gain as this summer proved so very trying on so many of the crops.

greens are now growing and crisp and lovely in the morning light. i have thrown down another batch of seed filling empty spots or those recently cleared out - no bit of soil goes unplanted for too long around here.

there are creatures munching on the leaves of the broccoli but not so much munching to harm. the sunflowers are blooming and their heads bowing heavy filled with seed that will ripen and be left for birds and climbing creatures to forage. the okra and peppers are still setting flower and fruit like they have not all year.

the chickeny creatures have slowed in their laying as summer's sunny long days have passed. yet the eggs they are laying are beautiful and full and the color inside gold and orange. they share in the feast of the greens and the goods - just this week they ate melons and chards and fresh herbs. what goes in is what comes out so i feed fresh and fragrant and so far i have yet to be disappointed.

the teenager chicken babes are ready for their new home and it looks like next week they will travel. to austintown they will go to a farm where they will live each like queens with a mom as doting as myself. they will be kept for egg laying and for loving and for playing. what more could a chicken baby mama ask for?

the sun has now risen and the leaves crisp edges reflect and shudder in the softest barely there breeze.

it feels a good day for making cheese

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