Saturday, October 10, 2009

taming wild kittens and other odd uncertain beasts

it's been a lumpy bumpy few three plus weeks of near to non posts due to a certain unexpected unwelcome "mess with your mama's health" beast. this beast visited my mama and sapped her of her energy, her verve, her strength but certainly not her will for a length of time. the moment i learned of the beast, i set travel to mama to assist her as i could in defeating the beast. the beast fought hard and tested and prodded but mama had decided that this beast's visit was soon to end.

yet i worried and i prayed and i held her and my father's hands. i pondered then, i ponder now, the beauty of family. brother, mother, father and i - each friend - each family - each present and supportive of mother's challenging beast. those unnamed days passed, time shifted, i lost track of time, i cared not for concepts, i cared only for those moments with and beside mama. i cared for the health of my father.

all else fell away
for a time

now there are signs of improvement and the beast must fight harder to burden mama. slowly but surely she fights, slowly but surely the beast must retreat and soon i hope soon victory will be claimed by mama, power filled mama, willful mama, my stubborn in the best kind of way mama.

we rise for a bit of fresh air and i am back at home in smalltown texas and the cheer filled beast i battle is a wild kitten filled with playful joy, ready to romp and stoop and pounce and tumble and mew for hours until the excitement of it all leads to deep slumber. she, ms darla kitten kittygirl, gives old man termite kittyboy and i a good run for our money. he, mr. t, plays a very patient big brother to the wee one. she not yet old enough to understand when enough is enough is enough frequently tests the waters with the old man. she simply adores the old man, purs at the sight of him and can rarely resist the urge to climb upon his back, over his head, under his belly... funny how the old man, every so often, prefers a bit of time and space to his self and will often deliver a quick batting of the paw and a soft mrrowwwl to throw out the hint. the odds run 5o/5o hint taken, hint missed. just the same mr. man cuddles up, he purrs and he bears the efforts one must endure when taming wild kittens.

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