Sunday, October 11, 2009

still life of an urban homesteader's kitchen

it is early sunday of the first weekend home in a great long while and there is rain falling lightly in the autumnal light. the nights are growing longer, the chickenygirls are laying a few less eggs of late. the skies have been cloudy, been protected from the wilds of outer space by a thickened cottony cover.

the sun has peeked through in bits and speckles. she sun is on break, a well deserved break around here. she has been taxed with her constant shining on these parts for far too long. i for one welcome her break.

i for one welcome the cool wet. it feels autumnal. the ground is once again mushy. the cool weather vegetable seeds and starts are planted. flowers are blooming, tomatoes are setting, greens are popping upward while pecans wait a thrifty wind for falling.

creatures begin to think about the seasonal tucking in. the bees are sticking close to home. the rains suggest as much. though when they fly i notice upon return their legs are packed with nurturing golden soft powdered pollen. food for feeding brood. food for feeding the hive. all prepare for the cool.

the basil plants are booming, suffering no harm from my cuttings today. cuttings that allowed for a fair five quarts of garlic, lemon, basil, pecorino cheese, and basil pesto. the okra though heat loving seem equally relieved for the recent cool. they flower and produce like never before and i trim the sweet pods for eating and for storing. salads greens are eaten nearly as fast as they are harvested. i must at this early stage of fall growth ration my wanting for a fresh salad though soon the harvest will prove a challenge to keep up with.

three of four gallons of the raw milk made its way to cheese this weekend. 3 full quarts of fresh mozzarella and a single pint of ricotta. a nice harvest from an excellent source. the final gallon i enjoy fresh early morn and just prior to turning in late eve.

the whey from the cheese was used to soak a collection of whole grains for the clucking ladies. i split the goods between the three coops and no sooner had it been rationed out, was it gone baby gone. in addition, the girly chickenchica egg laying, soon to be egg laying and wee little girls have enjoyed a fine harvest of radish tops, kale, chard, sweet potato greens and other such garden trimmings these past few days.

two loaves of bread bake and three cozy kitties nap as i write. i set up a special space in the garage barn for opera kitty. it is this time of year, the cool time of year that opera opts for an out of doors existence. the homestead is warm. and the universe sets for a short while in a place of relaxation. so set we will a while as there are many a chores that still need a doing - as they always do.

sharing the wealth -
a loaf of bread for me - a loaf for a neighbor. pesto for me - pesto for neighbors. extra basil gifted to various neighbors. the wee not for sale eggs for a neighbor

i wish you warmth, happiness and a place of cozy peace.

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