Sunday, October 25, 2009

it all depends in how you look at it

the morning's harvest
this a half plus dozen eggs
beans for lunch

i planted out another patch of greens this morning - a simple task really considering that most lettuce greens prefer a surface seeding - throw them down - water them in - done

it's a beautiful morning - good light - comfortable temperatures and a slight breeze
it's a good day for light outdoor tasks
these are the days i relish most
keep um' comin' naturemama

- - - - - - - - - -
it is now nearly 8:oopm and i sit bushed tired and happy for the feeling a bit better and for the tasks now complete.

metal shed chicken coop
  • clean and dust out coop
  • replace bedding
  • change feeders out to big birdie feeder
  • change waterer out to big birdie waterer
  • add in a third perch for night time snoozing
  • treat the ladies with sweet tater vines, greens and chards
  • compost all used bedding - this is the good stuff
garage barn coop
  • unload six 5olb bags of organic chicken feed from car to storage cart
  • mix a 4olb batch of hippychicks extra special feed suppliment* - enough to last a good six weeks - the mix? - ground alfalfa, flaked molasses, fish meal, kelp, food grade d.e. and crushed oyster shell - *read up before you choose to do this at home - know your ratios - too much of anything is not a good thing and could possibly be a very bad thing if not researched.
  • feed and water the chickygirls
  • treat the ladies with sweet tater vines, over-ripe maters and leafy herbs
  • sweep out the garage
the orignal coop
  • feed, water and treats of greens, chards and sweet tater vines
  • collect eggs - beauties today!
  • cuddle, scratch and chat a while - ya' know socializing with my homegirls
  • feed, water, cuddles and greens for treats
the house
  • wash 99% laundry
  • change bed sheets - i love fresh sheets
  • sweep all floors
  • wash all dishes
  • cook a batch of homemade tapioca pudding
  • fold and put all clothes away
  • wash sink and clean all kitchen counters
  • clean downstairs bathroom
  • harvest 6 beer size bottles of kombucha
  • recycle, recycle, recycle
  • sweep front porch, back porch and mud porch
  • clean up kitty land
  • trash out
  • play with darla kitten, cuddle mr. t
  • removed cheese from cheese press - wrapped it in cheese cloth - set on wood stand for 2-3 day air dry prior to waxing
all in one day - slow and steady as the stomach is still queezy - it was an all day affair but i am happy to have spent the time so. i still have mail to go through, papers to sort through for recycling. then there is the back studio porch that needs a whole lot of attention - one step at a time...

the daytime temps were just lovely and tonight is said to cool - possibly rain - all is well.

hippychick tip -
  • if your chickys are laying fewer eggs there is no need for alarm. as the days grow shorter the laying slows. chickens require light in order to lay eggs. long summer days = longer hours of sunlight = more eggs. shorter autumnal days = less hours of sunlight = less eggs. hey everybody deserves a break - it is a natural cycle. give your girls the rest. the eggs will come just at a slower rate. note - a series of overcast skies can have the same effect.

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