Monday, October 19, 2009

hippychick's first honey

so very beautiful
and with light passing through...
* * * * * *
the numbers are in...

total harvest - 24 lbs of dark rich honey

equal to
8 full quarts plus a half pint of honey
(all this from a single shallow super - oh my!)

* * * * * *
enough for family gift this holiday season


* * * * * *
next year - who knows
maybe even more this year - there is still time

i want to play it safe with the bees this first winter
the better they feed themselves - the more survive for next year's hive

* * * * * *
happy for that which has been harvested

that is for sure


Miranda R Mueller said...

I'm interested in this: would love to have bees someday, especially when i live in clover rich lands of oregon again....
Is it difficult? Do you have any links to information or anything that could be helpful?

shellywoman said...

I will put together a list for a near future post.

is beekeeping difficult? i would not say difficult. rather i would say that beekeeping requires attention and observation and a calmness and understanding of a creature. i am learning everyday myself and often wonder if i am doing the best i am able for my bee friends. it is a continuous learning experience. one can learn a great deal from simply sitting and observing.

thought often overlooked