Sunday, October 18, 2009

hippychick honey yup yup sustainable success

a harvest indeed
super dark honey
woo hoo and a big yee haa

the harvest is not huge huge huge but kind enough in light of the brutal summer the bees recently survived.

i pulled seven frames from a single shallow super. the second super was not yet fully capped upon further inspection so best to let the bees finish up the process and to allow the honey to mature before any further robbing.

it looks like the filtering process may take a day or so. it's looking a very slow process dripping through the filter. looks like i'll not know the volume of honey harvested for a bit. ah the lessons of patience one must learn through the sustainable living process.

the wait in this case will prove more than worth it i am sure.

how did i do it? harvest the honey that is?
without anything fancy that's for sure. i kept the process pretty darn plain and simple.

i pumped in a little smoke. i removed the super i was robbing from the hive. - heavy! oh my! i sure am glad i am working with 8 frame supers and not 10 frame - woof it had some weight to it! i then replaced the top feeder and the hive cover to keep as many bees contained inside of the hive as possible because i knew the next actions would prove most exciting to the bees. i removed each honey capped frame from the super one by one trying to keep the frame fully in tact. i removed the bees on the comb with a gentle brushing off then i placed the frame in a covered plastic bin.

i leaned the empty super upon the side of the hive. i would be back with the extracted frames as soon as i was able. the bees in the mean time were working on bits of comb that might have fallen from frames and or were still sticking to the inside of the super. i smoked all around myself before heading for the house.

i then transported the bin full with the seven supers inside and shut the doors. you do not want to be extracting honey from frames anywhere the bees can get to you. they'd overpower and drive you off in a jiffy. that's no fun and could cause a big ole' mess.

at this point, you can check out the you tube video for the next few steps which include
  • uncapping the honey
  • loading the frames into the extractor
  • spinning the frames
  • draining the honey into a filtered bucket
so now i wait for the slow filtering process to complete... another slow drip
honey sweet honey
honey sweet honey bee
thank you thank you thank you

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