Thursday, October 15, 2009

climate change - blog action day - central texas

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today is blog action day - the topic - global climate change

in this vein i present, as one voice, a series of links leading you to information relevant to climate change in from voices in central texas, greater texas and to the universe beyond.

The top 100 effects of Global Climate Warming at center for american progress

Climate Change, Carbon Credits and Agriculture at carbon offsets daily news

Texas Climate News @ texas climate news

Three season outlook @ capital climate

Envision Central Texas @ envision central texas

Austin Climate Protection Program - myth and fact
@ austin city connection

Climate Change in Texas @ next generation earth

New El Nino @ The Independent

rainfall patters at the fly gap division of double helix ranch in mason texas

intergovernmental panel on climate change @ ipcc

united nations educational scientific and cultural organization a.k.a. unesco

unesco world heritage center and climate change report from paris july conference

and remember...

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