Monday, October 12, 2009

sweet morning

the skies are yet a pale slate blue and there is misty moisture in the air. and excellent day for the rubberydubbery boots. the chickeny creatures are out and about scratching away for gold and other such wiggly creeping crawling goodies. the wet brings the worms to the surface, seconds pass, a scratch or two then with an excited joy they are quickly gobbled down.

get ya protein here! we got protein! dig for protein!

good for the girls - good for the eggs
did you ever think that you were eating worms too?
hee, hee hee - you are, you are

meanwhile the pepper plants are blooming up a storm and those fruits already formed are shaping up. their size is compact. it's funny, i have yet to grow a large sized sweet pepper in this texas climate. the flavor is great so i don't complain. we are happy for the harvest we are blessed with.

the morning's harvest presented a little bit of this and a little bit of that. nice bits for rounding out the day's salad and beautiful for observing.

the basil leaves are wide and long and full of more than fine flavor. i missed trimming a few plants yesterday. i think i've got enough for another three or four pints of pesto in the waiting. i left quite a bit on the plants ready for trimming.

half of this basil harvest will be thrown in with the salad greens for extra flavor and half will be thinly sliced for fresh mater, basil, mozz salad. i think there may be a bit more than i need even for today's goods. maybe a good drying off then a swim in olive oil will do a bit of the harvest good.

- basil flavored olive oil -
mmm mmm nummie!

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