Tuesday, October 6, 2009

autumnal growth in the hippychick universe

future pesto

lima beans - hops - okra - black eyed peas

hippychick favorite greens! i love fresh greens

sweet taters and basils - mmm mmm yummie

leek - basil - carrot - kale - chard - volunteer beans

it's going to be a big big big pesto year
i have no problem with that!

more to come...


zippy said...

hmmm. . .
yesterday we made apple cider. last night it snowed in town.

we're on a different schedule.



shellywoman said...

That sounds more than lovely. I was just talking with a friend the other day about those things I miss most from my former Northern East Coast life and visiting apple orchards in the fall was tops on the list.

Tell me, what type of apples did you make cider with?

zippy said...

the day is set up in blocks for families to come in and press their own apples. the town has a variety of mostly heritage apples with a bent toward varieties for cooking. lots of bakers in the early days. i just helped out and hung around watching the kids kick the leaves.

some families do a mix of crab apples and regular apples.

every fall we collect the apples at about this time. the local bears==grizzly and black--love to wander the streets for one last apple feast before they go down for the winter. nothing like a griz dining outside your kitchen window to get you to pick up a few apples and move them out of town.

it's part of the 'bear aware' program that mitigates and minimizes interaction between bears and people to protect the bears. the year before bear aware, the conservation officers shot 44 'problem' bears. last year they shot four. it works.