Sunday, September 13, 2009

victory chickens - 10-12 week rare & heritage breed chickens available

hippychick's victory chickens - all birds raised on coyote creek organic chicken feed - twelve and ten week old organically fed rare and heritage breed pullets and 1 welsummer rooster.

most girls are at twelve weeks old with a hatching date of june 21 2oo9.

the welsummer pair are younger - they are at ten weeks of age with a hatching date of july 5 2009.

* appenzeller spitzhauben - developed in switzerland centuries ago. beautiful speckled ladies with black fluffy top head feathers. layer of white eggs. (2 available)

* barred plymouth rock - developed in america in the middle of the 19th century and was first exhibited as a breed in 1869. layer of brown eggs (2 available)

* welsummer - developed in holland in the 20th century. layer of terracotta colored eggs. (1 pullet & 1 rooster *sold as a pair* as it is clear that they have bonded)

also two girls who are not rare or heritage in breed but are great egg laying birds to add to your flock

* black sex link - is the result of crossing two purebred standard breeds; the rhode island red rooster and the barred rock hen. - (2 available)

$20 per bird
all sales cash only
limited numbers available - claim your babies now
please email your breed preference to

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