Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ms. darla it is

here she is folks - ms. darla - the newest addition to the hippychick universe - a sweet young lady armed with charming affections that may break even her toughest challenger, mr. termite. he seems quite smitten with the little lady actually.

it looks like the he-man woman hater's club may be down one member. there have been witnessed nose touching sightings and evidence of the two fuzzy creatures sleeping on the cushy bed at the same time. mr. t has so far allowed ms. darla to eat out of his foodie dish as long as the favor is returned.

opera is proving a bit harder to charm. time will tell on that front but up to now, he has no interest what so ever in the newly moved in female. he is a declared bachelor all the way and besides it is his turf yeah?

she's a sweetie. she conquered me in a short 48 hours. then again, i am the softest of the bunch.

i love them all - and i miss them - this on the road thing, away from the creature family is tough. i look forward to a quick return. cheers folk


Robert Ede said...

Hello Chick, that is one skinny kitty. Cute as a button, looks like she picked the right house to wonder up to.

It's a cool night. Beautiful days. Just about time to put the garden to bed. Hope you are happy and well.

Stay cool.

Noor Al-Samarrai said...

hi there! I'm new to your blog, but it's so great! I'm trying to start a small sustainable farm in my backyard (it's about an acre and a half), and am wondering if you have any tips for a beginner?

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Conny said...

I chuckled so much - I love your reference to the Little Rascals. :>) Miss Darla had quite a strong personality that's for sure.