Wednesday, September 30, 2009

eggcellent news from the hippychick universe - egg prices bringing a smile to you!

hey hey hey hippychick is ready to share some eggcellent news that is good for you!

hippychick's super-d-lovely organic eggs can now be had for the most eggcellent price of $3.75 per dozen. (formerly 4 bucks per doz)
  • save a quarter
  • eat organic
  • eat local
  • enjoy enjoy
  • meet your farmer *all eggs delivered by hippychick herself

super-d-lovely eggs come in fresh from the girls each and everyday
hippychick's cheery chickenychickenchicas are raised in small town bastrop texas

1 comment:

Andrew Wilder said...

Okay, this may be the first compelling reason I've ever heard to live in Texas. ;)

Next time you come through Southern Cali, please bring me a dozen eggs and in return I'll whip up some fresh Rosemary & Chive Lemon Cheese for ya!