Wednesday, September 9, 2009

got me a little bee problemo

bee lessons continue

discovered at the end of last week o9.o4
hive 2
smaller hive
recently lost her queen - i have not found her body so i can only guess she chose to move on or passed and was quickly cleaned up by her own attendants.
signs of wax moth were found in 80% of the frames
we have the perfect climate for wax moth
the hive is weaker
nervous keeper

wax moth frames in the deep freeze
rotating them through before returning them to the hive
wish to save the bees their hard collected food source
wish to destroy the wax moth problemo

new queen arrived today
i have replaced all frames with fresh clean frames
same with the super
the number of remaining bees concerns me
nervous keeper

installed the queen
hope the others accept her
hope she sticks around
hope they survive
numbers are low
nervous keeper

pondering the splitting of my large hive to build numbers into the smaller hive
pondering the newspaper method to do so
means no honey harvest this year
willing to trade honey for a healthy hive
wondering - am i even on track

will have to make sure i do not transport the queen from hive 1 to hive 2
hive 1 queen is marked - have faith you can do it
nervous keeper

don't know until you try
saturday - splitting a hive to save a hive
determined keeper

feels right in the gut
my only wish to help the bees help themselves
damn if i am not attached to these winged kiddos

* * * *
if you are a beekeeper and know better the path i should follow - please oh please - contact me via comments.

* * * *
if you know a beekeeper - please oh please - ask them to take a peek here and point me toward the proper path

thank you - sincerely

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