Saturday, September 5, 2009

electrifried universe

rain - lighting - thunder - boom - crack - thud - lights out - lights on - boom - crack - thud - lights out - smoke - ei ei ei live wire

well it went something like that. i was over visiting with the neighbors when the crack thuds and failing power began. the repeating thuds drew our curiosity out of the doors. i then noticed smoke around the home. you can imagine i picked up my pace. no fire just smoke but with things so dry, i was not yet satisfied. then we spotted it the live wire sitting directly in the drive.

first thoughts - get your feet out of water - look up - are there any other wires looking like they might let go - step out of the way - call in the electricity troops.

the troops did arrive and all sets well once again in the universe. one of my live oaks got a heck of a trimming - a trimming for the good. take a look see yourself.

other news - the fall garden has moved in - plantings today include
  • spicy mesclun lettuce mix
  • red cabbage
  • chinese cabbage
  • broccoli
  • carrot
  • beet
  • kohlrabi
  • red mustard
  • green mustard
  • spinach
nice to have the rain cooperate today - as soon as the starts and seeds went in, the rain began to fall. we experienced a fine pour for a while then a nice steady fall for a spell. every bit helps. i sat for a while and watched the rain fall - thought about napping but never got round to it.

i did get a good bit of beekeeping prep accomplished
  • painted four supers - while the fellows fixed the wires - i painted
  • painted a top feeder
  • set foundation in 24 frames - would have set more but i ran out of foundation - more on the way - i have got to be ready because the one hive is really kicken' it now - lots of daily action - big flying and collection days ahead.
i hope tomorrow to swap out a few of today's freshly painted supers with those currently in use so that i might give those currently in use a good protective coat of paint before placing them back out for overwintering. i had, in spring, treated all the supers and equipment with a double coat of clear poly finish but it seams that the heat and harsh weather have really eaten it away. i'd like to keep my beekeeping equipment in fine working order for as long as i am able so it's time for another coat - this time paint.

it will only take a few rotations to have all supers freshly painted. it's the bottom boards and stands that have me scratching my head a bit. how the heck will i manage a new coat there. i will figure something out.

for now - chill time - relaxing on the super soft sofa - pretty close to nodding off off off

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