Wednesday, September 2, 2009

and the days go by...

and we are off and running - the work season begun - the daily calendar filled - the mornings earlier - the evenings later - remaining happy - feeling healthy - enjoying time at home as time allows - thinking on family - and generally moving in a direction one might refer to as forward

our focus is clear
fall is near
and we are doing this thing we call adventure toward sustainable living.

on the front burner
- insulating the underside of this pier and beam home

the reality...
the insulation is necessary - the current bit is all torn up, half hanging down and not doing much of what is designed to be doing. i spoke to my neighbor's local handyman this past weekend to see if he knew of any folk who might be good for the job and poof! instantly, he had just the guy who had just finished a similar job on a house just down the way - woo hoo

this after i had for a while now been unsuccessful contacting insulation companies in both smalltown and bigtown texas. same story each time - they will insulate attics and garages but will not work beneath previously existing pier and beam homes only new construction. wonder if they fear snakes too - but don't you think in these times they would have at least one snake whispering insulation master on their team? nope! not that there are snakes under there - don't know - don't wish to know thank you very much.

lucky for me this fellow calls and is interested in the insulation project -now we are talking - working out costs - dates - details - etc. then i come to find out that this same folk is a fellow rainwater harvester - greywater believer and practitioner. he's got his own high volume rainwater - greywater system going at his own home. super fantastic - eggcellent and all that i think.

- while they are under there... might be a good time to commit to a greywater system
- may be a great time to get the collection tanks set up too
looks like a save water collect water save energy hat trick option

i do plan to check his system out before asking him do the work here just to be sure. i hope it turns out well. maybe i'll learn a few things upon visiting - always good to learn. baby steps baby steps

all this means continued scrimping and saving of funds but that's just fine. the saving now will save more in the longer term and that's what it's all about. this is an investment worth scrimping for.

fingers crossed

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