Tuesday, August 4, 2009

time's not a wastin' round here

one thing you can be sure of in regard to the hippychick universe is that 'we waste not time'

every moment is filled - if not with the caring and loving of creatures or the gardening or the putting up of food or the just trying to keep the place tidy'd up then with reading and researching and communicating with folk kind enough to share what they know about particular topics.

this particular morning started at 6am when the doorbell rang - i sprung to action - a doorbell that early has got to be serious - come on now, 6am - nope not this round - this morning's doorbell was a local folk out on their morning walk wondering if i would be willing to talk about the garden and the methods i use in and around the yard. i was in my pj's, barefooted and had not yet had my morning's coffee. i had no idea what kind of state my hair was in but this folk did not seem to mind one bit.
"i've been walking by your place for months, have always wanted to stop and talk with you and decided today that i would" "sure" i said - "glad you did"

as i walked barefooted around the place talking about the various goods in the garden tough enough to make it through this terrible drought. i then walked her out front and explained the sheet composting that i'm doing, the various trees in the yard and answered questions about the little toad and lizard lizard shelters i've got built out of piled bricks here and there. we then made it around to the chickens and boy oh boy it was like a child jumped out of this folk - eyes lit up - a smile bloomed and chatter with the babies followed.
"may i visit again - i mean visit with the chickens again?" "sure", i said thinking it must be the state of my hair that keeps this folk from wanting to visit with me again - "just let me know that you'll be coming around as my neighbors are very protective - we look out for each other" - "sure, sure"
then we took a look at the bees and bunny bunny who also scored high. a bit more chatter and the i had no idea you had this much going on here and how long have you been doing this was discussed. it was nice a chat. then off traveled the folk continuing the morning walk and i inside to my morning coffee.

funny way to start the day, i thought to myself. which was then quickly followed by a not funny at all but most pleasant way to start the day thought. why not?

once the coffee was in hand, i took a peek at the kombucha jars brewing away giving each of their scoby's a flip (symbiotic colony of yeasts and bacteria). i then pulled out the newly pressed cheddar round i have curing in the fridge, unwrapped it to check on it's progress, re-wrapped it and returned it to the fridge. next up the current bit of cheese in the press - a salted honey with cracked black pepper - round. it was time to flip it for it's second 12 hour press before moving to the fridge to cure. oooooooh, pretty.

one thing has come clear to me this past week - i will definitely have a long term relationship with cheesemaking now that i have a direct source of real raw milk. this is not to say that i will never purchase cheese again - that is not the case - what i do mean to say is that i prefer the adventure of homemade. the results are not always perfect but the process is fun and payoff life lasting.

i have got more canning to do today - i am helping out a friend with their harvest.
"sometimes the old hands just don't work as you wish them to she says"
i enjoy her company so it will be my pleasure - time to get ready - wishing you all a good day

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here is a link to my friend andrew who makes cheese too!
he's a pro

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i think a follow up is in order

accomplished today -
  • put up 10 quarts of maters with a neighbor - that's a lot of maters
  • thought the maters were the end of the hot kitchen bit of the day - oh no!
  • an unexpected call from my peach person - picked up 25 lbs of peaches and learned that her father once designed the scenery for the busby berkeley movie musicals - freakin' coolest conversation i've had in a while - we are keeping in touch - well we already do on the topic of peaches but now i think we are going to be new friends - notice folks - meet your farmer = increase your circle of friends in life - farmers are cool folk - rarely are they just about farming - that is sooooo cool - busby berkeley rocks!
  • put up 9 quarts & 12 pints of peaches - these are lovely with a deep pink hue
  • cheese - a 2 gallon milk - herb round - will weigh it in tomorrow after it has pressed
  • fed the whey to a small japanese maple tree and some flowers near the tree - this drought is really tough so i figure the more i can do to help the plants the better
  • set up some hangin' cabbages for the girls - i cut a few cabbages in half - drill holes in the core area - run sisal string through the hole - hang it in the coop - let the girls peck and play it away - this proves a good source of greens and entertainment for the ladies
  • gave bunbun his own little chunk of cabbage for bunny munching
  • harvested kombucha, brewed the tea for the next batch, got it started
  • sold some eggs! yahoo - met a great new friend along the way - showed her around the place and talked homestead talk
  • enjoyed a great dinner with the neighbors - fresh black eyed peas and brisket - yihaa!
  • setting now, dishes clean, feet up, house cool - good end to a good day - hangin' with the kitty boy

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I love your blog- and whew you are such a hard worker!