Sunday, August 16, 2009

time space what the heck day is it weirdness & a backtrack to saturday, no sunday rather - huh?

i woke up this morning thinking today was monday - sure today was monday - awed by the quiet of this monday morning then upon looking at the computer realizing it was sunday. weird weird weird - really? sunday? really? did i set the time wrong on the computer some how? - turn on the radio - indeed sunday wow - a whole day ahead - the brain had already truly believed the idea of monday - how easily we/i are/am swayed i ponder. not good or is it the sign of a powerful imagination or have i slept for a week - as i was feeling, anything was possible.

i looked out the door - the yard looked to the place i had got it yesterday - tree limbs trimmed all except those i was not willing to climb the slippery roof to trim and those beyond the reach of my arms stretched out while i stood at the top of the extension ladder. the live oak and pecan tree limbs were on the curb for pick up where i left them. the lawn was clipped. the extra wood pallets were out on the curb with the free sign. the compost pile was in it's new spot. the fruit trees were also trimmed. the herbs i split from their parents were freshly planted in new beds, the markers for the grey stripe sunflowers in place and the markers for the fall lettuce newly planted in a dappled shady spot were in place. it does not look as if i have been asleep for a week. although i bet there are parts of me that would appreciate the deep rest - too much living to do - not yet. still i walk about and the world feels somehow odd.

i'm feeling the doo doo doo doo of the twilight zone until i see the neighbor's car in their drive - it would not be if it were indeed monday - ahh and now the brain kicks in - there was indeed mail delivered yesterday - could not have been sunday, mail is off on sunday - hmmm - still now a good five plus minutes since the discovery has been made and my body is still somehow off kilter. do not get me wrong - gaining a day around the homestead is more than welcome. weird! this feels weird - somehow time shifted in my little universe and now i've got to shift it back - maybe a bit more of a morning snooze to wake to sunday fresh in mind.

i nix the idea of more sleep for fear i would wake in some other odd frame of mind and decide rather to go over that which i might place on the tasking list for the day.
  • i will be moving more compost today - we will get a good batch under each of the fruit trees and water them in real good now that they are trimmed up for their fall and winter bud setting.
  • then there are flower beds that could use a boost and the outback area where the bees now reside - we'll see how friendly they are as i dump garden barrow after garden barrow of compost in their universe - they were excellent yesterday as i trimmed the fruit trees - they may be fine today to - fingers crossed
  • there is much raking to do on the north side of the place - the live oaks have continually dropped leaves this year - the heat i am sure is the cause
  • and then a whole lot of general tidying up awaits
  • i have the goods - i could make another batch of cheese
  • the water tanks need hooking up - maybe this should play top priority today - i may just go in search of the proper goods to get this task done and ready for any further drips that prove to fall
i am beginning to feel more comfortable with the day being sunday - odd it took such a while and truth be told i feel still a bit off - i wonder what causes the brain to skip a day - to believe so deeply that proof must be presented before it is willing to accept otherwise - interesting that lump in the skull... interesting this concept we call time...

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