Tuesday, August 25, 2009

stumbling chickenmama

it begins - daily morning drives into austintown - returning home mid eve
morning chores occur now earlier
watering - feeding - cooling - collecting
i'll have it all worked out in a few short days
for now i stumble - still adjusting to the new rising hour
i believe the chickenychicas find it amusing
they scatter between my legs, run beneath my feet just as i lift my foot forward, i laugh, they laugh as i slowly wake.

the garden now waits for seed and for cooler temperatures.
the wee kale, wee buttercrunch and wee radish have pushed through the soil - they now begin growth of true leaves. trooper babies i call them - powering forth in this heat.

keeping the beds watered has been tricky - rain barrels are empty yet again. installation of the gutter and piping for the new 1300 gallon rainwater collection system has moved to high priority regardless of the fact that there is no rain in site. i would prefer to be at the ready rather than be witness to a precious resource lost for lack of preparedness.

here's a surprise for you
looks like we may reach a record 104˚ today
no bells and whistles
just an overheated sigh

on the bright side
the okra and black eyed peas are happy

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